Ironman Training Week 25: June 9 – 15

Six weeks to go until Ironman Canada. Do I feel ready? No. Am I incredibly glad I’m not doing Ironman CDA in two weeks? Yes!

This was the first weekend I wasn’t racing in the last month or so, which was nice, but wildly unproductive too. I may be a little fatigued. The long run and long ride this week felt much longer than they should have. So, eased up a little bit to make sure I recovered and then into 3-ish weeks of hard training. I’m not really on a Monday-to-Sunday schedule right now, since weeks are arbitrary anyway. But, apparently, all the rest of the world operates on a weekly schedule, so here you go:


Swam about 10′ and then did some light yoga and rolled. So much hurting from the Dipsea.


Off. Lots of dental work.


Biked the 12 miles easy back from office, stopping at the gym.

20′ of core work, PT, etc

Swam 1,500 yards easy. Very easy.


Rode 3:40. It felt long. You want to make time stand still? Do an out-and-back based on time. If you’re heading out from a set point for 45 more minutes, it will be the slowest 45 minutes ever. It was also windy and steep and windy. At first I thought I just was sucking, but looking at my power numbers I may have also been going moderately hard overall. Did 30′ as 10′ at IM pace, 10′ at half pace, 10′ at IM pace. Then did another 10′ at IM pace at the end to see how my HR was reacting. In conclusion, my heart is weird. Who knows.

About 15′ of yoga.


Swam 3,000 yards at Masters. Went to Masters for the first time in a month or so just so I could remember what swimming fast feels like. Took me about 1,300 yards to get warmed up and then I got faster as we went. Even managed a 1:17 at the end of the workout as we descended. That makes me feel a little bit more confident about not getting slower in the pool — but also who knows, because swimming is stupid.

As a reward: did not run.


Biked 25′ easy to pick up the car.

Ran 2:14 on my favorite trail loop. It felt long. Actually, it felt totally great and fun and my most favorite run route. But, then, the last three miles or so my legs felt like they were locking up.

I was going to swim, but OH MY GOD I was so tired. Then, I was going to do a strength, PT, yoga routine, but OH MY GOD I was so tired. Did 10′ of yoga stuff.


Swam 3,700 yards at PacWest Masters. Lots of steady swimming in the mid-1:20s.

45′ of strength work at the gym. Heavy lifting, squats, kettlebells, and box jumps.

TOTAL 11:55

Yeah, I’m not really on a Monday-Sunday schedule right now. So. We’ll see how I recover into the hard workout this Tuesday, few days easy, Century next week, etc, etc.



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