Ironman Training Week 24: June 2-8

Yeah, sorry, right, my training week from last week.

This week’s been weird, like apparently it’s Thursday already. Not exactly a busy week — except yes, busy too — but mostly just sort of weird and shit and four hours of drilling my teeth down to nubs for my new crowns and work and all that. (I did this thing where I didn’t want any of my multitude of dentist appointments on the Thursday before a race, because sometimes they take a few days for your face to stop hurting, so I’ve been making them all the Tuesday after races, because I already feel like crap, so who cares. It’s made them extra super-fun.)

I did come to the conclusion, however, on Monday or Tuesday — while working on this story about overtraining and how stress is stress and life stress can fuck you into a hole that training just keeps digging deeper — that I really messed myself up in April. After shattering my teeth, which came on top of already tearing the foot muscle and crashing the car and all that other stuff that seems so quaint and long ago, I sort of just trained through it. Because you don’t need teeth to bike and run and swim, right. So, really, it’s not shocking that I was so, so, so messed up and then sick for two weeks and then still messed up. Really it’s sort of shocking I came around at all by now.

I’m pretty happy that I switched from IM Coeur d’Alene to IM Canada. That extra four weeks is really going to be life-saving. Like actually possibly for real if I don’t pass out and die in the middle of the race, thanks to having one more month to train after all this crap.


I coach an open water swim practice, so I was in the water for about 45-50′, but probably only swam about 1,000 yards easy. In light of the fact that I was, evidently, still normal messed up from racing Alcatraz the day before, this was possibly not my best idea ever. I turned blue and could not keep my core temperature up.


Resting (and work in the city)


Ran an out-and-back on the Dipsea Trail in the evening with Pete and Ilyce and then got dinner in Mill Valley. (Pete was supposed to tell me all the secret shortcuts, but I think there really may not be that many left anymore. Or else he’s keeping them a secret.) We only went to the top of Cardiac and then came back down, so about 9 miles total in 1:30. This was possibly my second worst idea of the week, since my legs were still feeling the climbing and descending on Friday. On the other hand, though, it was good to see the trail before the race on Sunday. And, if I was a different kind of person I would have posted 17 Instagram photos of the fog and the trees. #instagood #photooftheday #blessed #lovemylife


Swam 3,000 yards easy/medium. My legs were not happy about the run the day before, so I opted instead for my first swim longer than 35′ in two weeks. It was, unshockingly, not my best swimming ever. Did 1,200 yards easy or so, some 100s and 200s in the low, mid-1:20s, then some band and paddle swimming.

30′ of core, PT work, light strength, and box jumps. (Literally, all I took away from Sami Iniken’s ‘hack your run’ thing was ‘oh yeah, I should do more box jumps.’)


Actual big ‘workout’ of the week.

Rode my 3:00 43-mile Pt. Reyes loop, except it only took 2:36. Evidently, on this TT bike it is no longer a three hour loop. Did 2 x 10′ at 170W/half-Ironman tempo, then 20′ at 140W/maybe-sorta-Ironman-pace-who-knows.

Followed by 6 1/4 mile run as 5 x mile at slightly faster than Ironman pace. The problem with hard Ironman workouts — and this is one in a series of key workouts that are building, to be clear — is that when I hear ‘hard,’ I think ‘fast.’ And, my fall-back ‘fast’ run pace is 6:45s. This is NOT slightly faster than my goal Ironman run pace. So, I kept having to slow myself down until I felt like I was jogging in place. Of course, by the end it was still exhausting and I was dripping sweat and my sunburn was already showing. Because that’s the problem with Ironman. It’s not fast; it’s just hard by process of elimination. Did the miles in 7:05, 7:25, 7:39, 7:22, 7:35.


Rode about 15 miles easy. Like really easy. Like I rode to a swimsuit trunk sale, bought some suits, then stopped at a cafe for some breakfast, then finally rode home.

Was going to swim. But I didn’t feel like it.


The Dipsea.

Also, was going to swim after. But I really didn’t feel like it.

TOTAL: 9:30

Yeah, really glad there’s an extra four weeks. Now, I’m about to go into a last three-ish week block of big training, focusing on longer runs and swims, and Ironman pace stuff, and sorting out details (ala nutrition). Then, we’re basically ready to fly to Canada.

3 thoughts on “Ironman Training Week 24: June 2-8

    1. You know, where some company like sets up shop some random place and sells shit. The swimsuit co. that’s like the only place I buy swimsuits from was doing that at the high school where masters is, so I went to buy a few. Usually, that kind of thing is cheaper, but it was basically the same price.

      1. Nice. I have been doing that “grab bag suit” thing on swimoutlet so it took me a minute to, like, remember you could buy swimsuits in person.

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