Ironman Training Week 23: May 26-June 1

This week was pretty straight-forward and easy. It was my favorite kind of week, my specialty: a recovery between races into a race week! You gotta have ’em.


The Marin Memorial Day 10K + warm-up and cool-down, which totaled about 9.5 miles running for the day. And, then “swam” ten minutes easy in between Memorial Day eating and drinking. Only it was really more like splashing.


Swam 800 yards easy and did some Yoga-ing and rolling.


Full on rest.


Biked 40′ moderately to China Camp to meet Ilyce for some open water swimming. (I do not open water swim by myself anymore. Not since the ‘is that a shark, oh it’s my hand, no maybe it’s a shark, nope still my hand’ incident.) Swam about 35′ pretty easy in the Bay.


Ran 5 miles on the trails and felt terrible — right on schedule.


Biked 40′ to test out the road bike with aerobars set-up, did my standard 4 x short sprint and 1′ and 2′ at race pace.

Swam 750 yards or so with about 10′ in Ilyce’s wetsuit in the complex pool to test it. (My nice long-sleeved one ripped hugely along the edge of the zipper. And, I have not swum enough lately to deal with the sleeveless one in the Bay right now.) It turns out swimming in a wetsuit makes you super buoyant in a pool


Escaped from Alcatraz!

TOTAL: 7:35

Another week in between races for the Dipsea on Sunday. It’s not about volume this week or last week. It’s about being awesome. Duh.

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