Ironman Training Week 22: May 19-25

There was a day last week, actually an exact moment, where I started to feel normal again. I’ve been so tired — both regular Ironman tired (or so I’m told) and smashing my teeth out tired and life/work/moving to LA tired — that I really have been slogging through workouts. And, I didn’t realize until the one day I felt normal again that I hadn’t felt normal in a long time.

It’s about damn time.

What’s funny is that up until that day I actually felt awful last week. I took multiple naps. I started workouts where everything in my body hurt and it wasn’t until an hour in that my heartrate would start to pick up. Then, I would feel fine, or at least not like death. Maybe things are starting to come around? Maybe I’m just telling myself that because they better fucking come around by Alcatraz this Sunday. Either way, I got through week three of a three-week-ish block (here are week one and two). And, it wasn’t an amazing training block. It was barely passable, but it got done. And, I’m starting to feel normal again. Not fast. But normal.


Swam 1,500 yards easy. So dead from Auburn Triathlon that I had to take a nap.


Last root canal. Had to take another nap.


OK, got to work, do some work. Watched Fast and Furious 6 as well, possibly napped.

Biked over to the high school and it straight up took me as long to bike the five miles as it usually does to run it. Then, jogged around a bit and was so tired while the kids ran their intervals on the track that I had to sit down.

Swam 5,500 yards, which started as the slowest I have swum since maybe 2008. How could I possibly do this whole swim? But, bit by bit, I got a little bit faster. It wasn’t until about 3,000 yards in that I was almost swimming normal. Not fast, but normal. Biked home.


Ran 4 miles easy with the high school kids. Then, 5 x 1000 at 10K pace (4:00/1000m). The plan was originally 10 x 1000, but hah. Even my arms hurt running easy with the kids. I was dripping sweat and wheezing from our easy run. My whole face was hurting from some kind of delayed soreness from the Tuesday root canal. I was pretty sure that even a few 1000s was going to be impossible. But, they were fine. All in the low 3:50s.

20′ of core/PT at home.


Biked to and from the ferry/office. It was not fast, but it was also not the slowest I’ve done it. About 20 miles total.


After working a high school track meet all day, I didn’t think I would feel good. I was exhausted and had eaten half a Quizno’s sandwich and some M&Ms. But, my 9 mile easy run on the China Camp trails felt great. I felt like I’m used to feeling again. And, I realized it’s been so long since I’ve run my favorite trails or zoned out on a run — while still running normal paces.

30′ of strength and core and some PT and a little bit of box jumping at the gym.

Swam 1,000 yards easy.


Biked 78 miles on the TT by myself. (Gotta work on the mental strength.) And, yes, I still need to get the stem cut and the cables redone on my bike. And, I need to figure out how to get the drink bladder into the frame and put the food box thing on and find a cage for the back of the seat that doesn’t make my bottles fall out every hour. Yes, all those things still need to happen for my bike to be race-ready. But, I rode it for 5:20 and it was fine. That’s a big step.

It wasn’t the hardest ride ever, but it was long. Long, long, long. And, it took a long time for my heartrate to go above 125, even though I was going plenty hard enough. Like it took an hour for the heartrate to go to where it should be. But, then it was fine. And, when I made the stupid stupid choice to bike all the way out to Limantour Beach, which I had never done before, and I had to turn around and come back up a long 17% grade into the insane wind out there on the coast and I thought my bike was just going to tip over, it didn’t. I made it and I was fine and the work got done.

TOTAL: 13:15

And, then, yes, obviously, I ran the 10K on Monday after the Sunday ride, which isn’t a great race plan and not something I would normally do. But, there wasn’t any way to avoid it with the overall training calendar. So, we’ll call it an Ironman workout. And, now it’s all about hard recovery for Alcatraz, then some more recovery/pickups and the Dipsea, then another three-week (actually) big block of training. And, then Ironman. So close, so far.


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