The Week in Numbers

How many naps I’ve taken this week? 3
How many hours I’ve trained so far this week? 2.75
How many hours I’ve sat on the couch and stared at the TV without actually watching whatever was on? 12
How many times I sat on the couch and watched Fast and Furious 6 in the middle of the day? 1
How many times I’ve thought about cleaning the bathroom? 17
How many times I’ve actually cleaned the bathroom? 0
How many times I’ve rearranged my training schedule to accommodate my messed-up-ed-ness? 7
How many windows I’ve opened on my computer to make USC plans and get totally pumped? 23
How many stickers USC sent me to put on my laptop and get totally pumped? 8
How much the plane ticket to Canada is going to cost? $375
How much money I have for the plane ticket to Canada? Less than $375
How long I’m hoping the Memorial Day 10K is going to take me? 39:50
How long the Memorial Day 10K will actually probably take me? Way longer than 40′
How many days until Alcatraz? 10
How ready am I for Alcatraz? So ready!
How ready am I really? Eh, kinda ready.

2 thoughts on “The Week in Numbers

  1. By a plane ticket to Seattle or Bellingham (cheaper) then drive to Whistler from there. Only adds 1-2 hours on to the drive from YVR.

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