Ironman Training Week 21: May 12-18

Last week was week two (of three) in this training block. It was less successful than week one. I used to be good at knowing when to rest and erring on the side of recovery and balancing that with hard training. I could just feel it, when I needed to chill, and I pretty much never put myself in a dark place. It was simply not something I did.

Well, no more.


Rode home from the office, about 1:05 easy.


Ran 7 miles or so easy, except that I decided to run on the hilly trails above my house and also Tuesday it was like 100 degrees, so it wasn’t exactly totally easy. Actually.

Biked over to the gym, swam 1,000 yards easy, Yoga’d. You know you’re pretty tired when Yoga feels exhausting, so I left 15′ early because I was over it. So over it.


I started out on my bike ride with the plan of 2-3 hours with long tempo, testing out the new cranks on the TT bike. But, I felt awful. Could not hit anything, could not get my HR up, wanted to go to sleep. Clearly, I was tired and messed, so I went home after 45′ and cut the rest of the workouts for the day — besides biking to an appointment.


Ran 7 miles in the morning before it was too hot. The original plan had been to do mile repeats, but *see above*. If I was in some kind of hole, I didn’t want to bury myself in it. But, also, I need to do some harder workouts. Maybe. Maybe I don’t. I compromised by doing a few short 3′ efforts to get moving, and some strides (and drills).

Swam 2,100 yards in the afternoon, which was supposed to be more but wasn’t.


Rest except for 10′ or so biking on the trainer while getting fit.


Rode 40′ on the bike with some hard pick-ups to make sure it and I were both ready to go. Results were inconclusive.

Taught an open water swim clinic in the afternoon, which included about 1,000 yards of actual swimming for me. Maybe, hard to tell.


Auburn World’s Toughest Half — which they insist on calling it, writing “WT Half” on all the signs on course.

TOTAL: 14:00

God, I’m tired. Like right this second, so tired I might fall back asleep. And, that’d be probably the third time in two days I’ve fallen asleep in the middle of the day. I’m also so worried I’m not fast enough. Or fit enough. Or strong enough. Or awake enough.

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