Moving to LA: USC Grad School


I mentioned it in passing — which basically only my mother-in-law and my grandma noticed and worried about — but, yes, I am moving to LA. Yay.

So, hah, internet, you don’t know everything and I’m totally capable of keeping things to myself. Bet that’s the biggest surprise.

I accepted a 10-month fellowship at the USC journalism school, doing a masters program focusing in sports reporting, which is going to be awesome because I get to take cool classes and work on different projects and create a thesis I want and learn about TV and writing (lots of writing) and coding and sports, sports, sports. And, then, ideally, I will get a super awesome job/freelance gig/book deal and slowly take over the world. But, one step at a time.

I was picking between Columbia and USC and, well, the USC program sounded a lot better for what I want to do (become the Wall Street Journal’s like one sports reporter/a well-known freelance writer who is called upon to pen magazine pieces on obscure sports topics/the creator of a much-beloved loosely fiction TV show about the world of professional sports) and I’m kind of excited about the whole new revamp of the facilities this summer. And, also, it’ll be cool. But, man, the grad school application thing is confusing, so if you are ever in the middle of it, ask me, because I definitely annoyed the shit out of my friends who had already done it and I probably have to pay that back to the world at some point.

The only mildly stressful part is that orientation and summer intensive program starts two days after Ironman Canada — like if I fly straight home, I’ll be home for 25 hours before leaving. And, also, Steve is staying up here because work, so we aren’t exactly sure what moving will look like, and our condo, and we’re both gone most of this summer before that, and where will I live if I have very little money, etc, etc. By mildly stressful, I mean I laid in bed one night thinking through the list of things to be doing and came to the conclusion that we should have already sold our place for this timeline to work out.

Oh, and yeah, apparently most of the other students in the program aren’t coming straight from an Ironman and are more open to general timelines and aren’t super annoying the program staff already with questions like: “But, what time exactly do I need to be there on the first day?”

Go Kelly!

(Seriously, nice USC advisor people, I promise to stop being annoying. I’m just projecting my worries. Please don’t hate me yet.)

13 thoughts on “Moving to LA: USC Grad School

  1. Moving to LA… too bad there aren’t any races at all in Southern California. I think the biggest problem you’ll have is deciding where/when to run.

    1. Yeah, I might be really busy, probably will be. So, I’m waiting to see how things sort out before I make any race decisions. But, the LA Marathon looks like fun…

      1. LA Marathon is a must do. And there’s oodles of others coming up this summer/fall (plenty of halfs). Let me know if you want any suggestions.

  2. Congrats!!! You will be awesome at this job and life that you have planned out. Can’t wait to read your stuff!

  3. Yay!! Congratulations!! That sounds so perfect.

    Ugh, yes, the grad school app thing. It does suck the balls, so it’s always gratifying when things go your way in the end. 🙂

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