Ironman Training Week 19: April 28 – May 4

Oh, yeah, what I did last week. Ugh, don’t you wish/feel that after races you’d be able to do nothing for a few days and the world would leave you alone. Yeah, that did not happen this week. Instead, it was a week of doing and re-doing work until it was juuuuuuust right.

This week also marked officially 12 weeks until Ironman Canada. I think 12 weeks is when you officially start building and focusing on the race and hoping your base will hold up.

So, here’s what I did last week, my last week before the official 12 weeks to go.


Rode 32 miles on the TT bike. Yay! Biking! Back home at 2 a.m. in the morning with a doctor’s appointment at 9 a.m. But, at least I have a bike again. Rode in the late afternoon — and just did some tempo and cadence stuff. Because the wind gets so bad in the afternoon, I did not expect the ride to go well. I was pleasantly surprised to make it farther than ever in my hour out and then turn around to come back.

Swam 2,250 yard relatively easy with some tempo and band and pulling.

15-20′ of yoga routine.


Being so tired, and sick, I slept in. That meant I decided to cut one of my workouts and move my run to the late afternoon. It was just over 90 degrees by then and I was supposed to run hard. In theory, I was doing one of the Coach Mario classics: 4 x [4′ at half-marathon pace, 1′ rest, 30″ hill sprint, 2′ recovery]. It was hot and my legs were heavy. Also, I couldn’t stop trying to remember when the last time I did a hard run workout was. (Hint: It was a while.) It maybe isn’t a surprise that I made it through two and then bailed halfway through the third 4′ effort. It was a surprise when I started to jog home, after walking some, and found my legs wouldn’t go. I did some mental visualizing — pretend this is Ironman — and pushed through. And, in turn, hella heatstroked myself.

“Swam” 10′ in our pool insanely easy to cool off. It didn’t totally help.


Rode 1:10. This was supposed to be longer. It was also supposed to include some threshold pace work in preparation for my Olympic distance race. I did 2 x 1′ and one 2′ at 190W I think and it was a shitshow. Then, I thought maybe going uphill would be better, so I did a hard effort up the Lucas Valley hill (a bit over 6′), but it was not better. My heartrate was nuts. My power numbers were nuts. I felt awful. I turned around and went home and thought I would feel better and maybe do my swim later in the day. I did not feel better all day. Instead, I felt like I’d been hit by a very large truck, with spikes on its front, like one of those things from Mad Max or Escape from LA.


And, then in the middle of the night, my stomach started hurting so bad I couldn’t sleep. Thursday had to be a full-on rest day. Also, a limping around the house, picking at crackers day.


Worked up the energy to swim 20′ in our complex pool.


Tried to rally around the idea of racing on Sunday and talk myself into it. Rode 45′ with some HARD pick-ups and a couple minutes at race pace. Swam 800 yards same. Standard pre-race crap.



TOTAL: 9:20

Yeah, so, you could say my last few weeks haven’t exactly been good. You might say that. I’m trying to convince myself that I had a very solid base of fitness through mid-March, and I didn’t totally do nothing for the last month, so it should still be there deep deep down. Now, I just need to work back into running fast (which is a goddamn struggle) and build up for Ironman. Really, this is shit, but it’s just how it is. It’s not like things ever go perfect.

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