Ironman Training Week 18: April 21-27

Ah. Ah. Last week was not the re-starting my week that it was supposed to be. That’ll be this week! TOMORROW!!

Originally, the plan had been race Boston, be smashed from running a marathon, recover with light workouts at parents’, go to cousin’s wedding, come home rested. The plan changed. So, then, I intended to get in a decent amount of working out at the parents’ and in between wedding-ing. Naturally, I got sick and this didn’t exactly happen. But, it’s ok. It’s ok! Everything will BE OK!!

I’ll just go into Wildflower really rested.


Ran 9 miles of marathon with Ilyce. It felt like we were flying. I was so proud of how strong and fast I was running. And, then, yeah, it turns out we were totally running like 7:50 miles. Ah well.

Took the bikeshare bike (which I really can’t recommend enough for getting around Boston) on a wild adventure for 30′ or so before ending up at the New Balance factory store. That was actually not where I had intended to go, so after purchasing some shoes — because they were on sale, duh — I had to walk another 15′ to the gym.

Rolled my hurting legs out a bunch and swam 1,200 yards easy.


Yoga class at the same gym — except this time I just took a bus.

Swam 1,000 yards easy.


Rode a spin bike at the best gym in Chicago for 10′, then TRX and threw some kettlebells around and PT’d and rolled for like 40′.

Swam 2,500 yards that included a 1,000 yard test, which I do as continuous swimming alternating hard 100/easy 100, in 14:00. 14:00!!! That’s insane. That’s practically 13′. I should probably just quit now while I’m ahead.


My joy was short-lived, though, since Wednesday night I got a sore throat and all night I sweated and couldn’t swallow and got more and more stuffed up. By the time I woke up super late Thursday, it was clear I wasn’t going to do the long workouts I had planned. Instead, I watched the last four episodes of Breaking Bad.


Yoga class with my mom. Thought I’d do more, but that was about all I could manage still sickly. Did a few minutes on the elliptical and a few minutes of TRX and core work.


Ran 7 miles on the lakefront in Milwaukee with the first 4.5 or so relatively slow and into the wind. Then, picked it up on the way back so that the last two miles were like 7:15 and 6:30. Whooo! Fast(ish) running again.

Did 10′ or so of core and PT in the hotel room. Then, dicked around the hotel pool for 5-10′.


The wedding-ing left me without a voice Saturday night and then I spent six hours at the airport on Sunday. So, yeah, that’s basically like a workout.

TOTAL: 7:20

Recovery. It’s all recovery.

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