Things That Have Not Really Gone Right This Last Month

– Tear a muscle in my right foot in a freak accident while standing on a trigger point roller when the arch was tight –> miss Oakland Half Marathon
– Mess up my left knee riding my TT bike, which doesn’t exactly fit. (This is actually incredibly frustrating since riding my bike shouldn’t hurt.)
– Smash my face into the ground and break my front four teeth.
– Yeah, that was really painful and bad –> Miss HITS Triathlon
– The shoes and stuff to help the right foot muscle get better re-inflame the bone spur on my left foot. Both hurt a lot. –> Miss Boston Marathon
– Overdo it after smashing my face up and my whole body gives out.
– Now I am sick, which really isn’t particularly shocking.

All this has sort of meant I haven’t been working as much as I should either and that’s becoming a bigger problem now too. I’ve also become so nervous about everything that cutting a bagel makes me worry about slicing my hand open. Tomorrow I’m going to pull it back together. Tomorrow.

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