Ironman Training Week 17: April 14-20

This could be subtitled: Common Mistakes in Self-Coaching: Over-training.

I don’t usually over-train. It’s my one skill. That and having a game-day-face. Usually, I would know when I was getting too tired and I would pull back or rearrange workouts. Last week, I may have overdone it considering the fact that it was the week after I smashed my face in. I felt ok. (Actually, I didn’t feel great, but it was sort of a constant state-of-being, so I didn’t feel worse for working out). I wasn’t doing much work, but I could get through training. So, I did. Lots. But, by Sunday I was smashed and I knew it. Usually, I would have given myself a few days to recover, but I was leaving for Boston and then Chicago on Saturday, so I wanted to frontload my workouts on the week and I wanted to ride my bike a bunch — since I wouldn’t have a bike.

So, I did something I shouldn’t: I pushed through when I was too tired. And, then, I got really tired. And, then, I got so tired my heartrate wouldn’t go over 125 for my “hard long” ride. I turned around on the ride and am now trying to dig back out, let my body actually recover, remember how to run, and figure out what the hell races I should actually do, since I haven’t been able to do any of the races I’ve been signed up for so far.

(Oh, and also: work.)


Swam 1,700 yards and water ran for 15′. It was supposed to be longer, but I was tired.

20′ or so of PT, core and some yoga stuffs.


Ran 3 miles — still pretty slow, but at least it was closer to sub-8:00 pace — and drills.

Rode 25 miles on the TT bike with a few minutes of tempo, just to test it out, get used to the bike, practice. Then, rode another 15-20′ during a fit to try and figure out why I’m so damn uncomfortable on the TT bike.


Rode 48 miles (3 hours) on the TT with a teammate. It was not a great ride. I mean it was fun, but I was struggling by the end and my upper back hurt from being in aero the whole time. And, then, I realized I actually hadn’t eaten anything yet, so maybe it was no wonder my numbers sucked.

Cut the other workouts for the day.


Swam 3,100 yards at Masters. This was probably the first time I’ve been to North Bay Aquatics in two months. The workout was lots of drills and swimming without breathing and then 20 x 50y. The 50s were supposed to be descending in sets so that each set started at the same time (40″ for me), but got faster and faster. It turns out I can swim as many 50s as you want in 38″, but not so much in 35″.

Ran 5.5 miles in the hills above the trails and saw a rattlesnake in the same place I’ve seen a rattlesnake before above our house. The concerning part was that I actually had been freaking out over every stick I saw, so I got used to it always being a false alarm. Then, when I saw a big stick out of the corner of my eye, I didn’t freak out — until it started to slither. Ugh.

Biked 45′ on the trainer with a low cadence workout and drills. It was still not super great wattage and heartrate numbers, but I told myself it’s ok.

20′ of yoga and stretching.


Crossfit in the morning. But, I was struggling.

Swam 1,500 yards easy.

Started my long bike ride, but only made it an hour before turning around. I was going to do a version of Alpine Dam, but I got to the dam and started up the second climb. And, yeah, that wasn’t happening. So bad, so bad, so tired.


Flying all day


Ran 5 miles on the river path — with every other person in Boston — and did drills and strides. Then, so much walking, lots of walking.

TOTAL: 13:50

Shit, thinking about this week still makes me tired. And, now, I can’t figure out what races to do and how to re-organize my schedule and for everything to stop hurting. STOP HURTING!

5 thoughts on “Ironman Training Week 17: April 14-20

  1. Nice to see you getting back into it. Over-train is better than no-train, maybe…? I saw that you’re looking for a California half in mid-June/July. Have you done See Jane Run in Alameda? It’s 6/22; flat and fast.

    1. Hah, good logic!

      Thanks, I was actually looking for a half-IM distance Tri to practice nutrition and pacing before IM, b/c I’m probably going to do the Olympic next weekend instead of the half to let my feet get more recovery time and run build up. But there are no half tris at that time of year!

  2. OK – stop self-coaching and have someone help you Kelly. Take the pressure off, think freely, spend your energy training AND recovering….lots of red flags, as you know. Trust me, I could NEVER self- coach, I would be a hot mess. I don’t have the time to think about myself — Good luck!

    1. No, I am definitely not switching to a coach now that I’m actually going into race season. It’d cause more problems. I accidentally pushed through one week, but the number of times I’ve had coaches push me through when I should have rested is still higher than I’ve done to myself. I mean I think a coach would have been good from the beginning, but only the right coach within the parameters i was looking for and that just wasn’t exactly available.

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