Boston Marathon 2014: Less Than Two Weeks Away

What are your transportation plans?
What are your transportation plans?

It’s time for #Boston2014 (#BostonStrong #WeAllRunBoston #RunTogether) and I’m repeating a tune that sounds very familiar. It’s unlikely I’ll run it or, if I did, I’d finish. But, I have a ticket and I’m planning on going, so who knows. A small part of me thinks I could just wing it, but the 5 miles I ran slowly yesterday would suggest otherwise. And the soreness in my foot today would suggest that even if I could, it’d be a bad idea. I’d likely re-tear whatever is finally healing along the arch.

The race organizers don’t know my personal issues, though, so they keep sending me emails asking me to tell them if I’m taking the shuttle, tell them if I’m attending the pre-race dinner, tell them my emergency contact, tell them what “my story” is. Man, Boston Marathon people, I really wish I had answers for you. I do.

It’s hard to stay focused on the long-term goal: Ironman Canada. I really wanted to run Boston this year and actually finish. I also want to sleep indefinitely right now. (I don’t feel good today.) Those are hard to reconcile.

Right now the plan is: I’m flying to Boston because I’m going from there to Chicago. I’ll hang out, see how I feel. I sort of want to jump in and run part of the course, just for the fun of it — if I’m able to run parts of things. Or, alternatively, I’ll drink a bunch and heckle runners.

I should probably just buy all the merch and make up stories about my finish time.


What would you do?

9 thoughts on “Boston Marathon 2014: Less Than Two Weeks Away

  1. Ohhhh my goodness child!!!!!! Do it do it do it!!!! I am going to cry for you if you do not. You can go slow. There is nothing worse than never knowing if you did not finish what you did not start…worst case and I mean worst case you have to drop out…I would kill to be able to run in the boston marathon! Just go easy on it. You have the chance of a lifetime…I want to hear all about it!

  2. Glad to hear you’ve been able to do some running. A year ago I think I would’ve been like, “Ehhhh, give it a shot! See how you feel!” But that was before I tore my just-starting-to-heal hip flexor in a marathon I shouldn’t have run using that same logic, & couldn’t run for 2 months. I think it would be cool to at least start & run a little piece of it if you can, but I know I would find it hard to quit if I tried that. But yeah. Even just being there should still be cool.

  3. Oh, I feel for you!! I was injured and missed Boston two years in a row before I finally got there last year. I was beginning to think I was jinxed! I was glad I waited till I was firing on all cyllinders and I PR’ed by almost 5 minutes (3:33 something…) I would say don’t run, just enjoy. Honestly, the whole ordeal of getting to the start and waiting interminably long is not that fun…and if you know you won’t finish, it’s hardly worth it. I’d just party and enjoy the town! You are in a tough spot though…a spot I well know. (And no, I opted not to go back this year….good thing since once again I’m injured!!)

    1. Yeah, honestly, if I run a portion, it’ll be like mile 15-20 or something where I can just deal with myself and not have to worry about buses and getting the med shuttle to pick you up after you drop out and all that.

  4. i’m in the same boat as you all those emails, please confirm this, please select that…painful. i haven’t been able to run since December due to injury but I kept hoping I’d be okay by race day…delusional.

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