Ironman Training Week 15: March 31-April 6

Ugh. UGH. UGH!!

This last week was not good. I mean it was — it was a re-start of training again (yay!) — right up until I face-planted into the ground. And, as I sat at the ER, I thought, “Well, at least I already got decent workouts in today.” Because, honestly, I’m about to give up on this whole training seriously thing. Throw in the towel. Lay down on the floor. Etc. It’s hard to stay motivated when things just aren’t really exactly going your way.

This weekend I’m supposed to race my first triathlon of the year. It seems pretty clear that’s not going to happen. I’m still sporadically on narcotics and racing triathlon on narcotics sounds like something I would have tried in college. I’m actually not even sure you’re legally allowed to. Pain killers could probably have some performance-enhancing benefits. Also, they make you go to sleep and throw up. So, that’s less performance-enhancing. Pros and cons.

These are the debates I’m having with myself this week.


Rode 16 miles (56′) on the trainer with 2 x [1′ at 220W, 2′ at 200W, 3′ at 180W, 4′ at 160W] I meant to do three sets, but then the last set I just sort of stopped. I wasn’t even really battling with myself about it sucking or anything. I just did the 1′ at 220W and stopped. And, then, decided I’d do some 1′ sprints and then try to hold Ironman pace for a bit, whatever that is. I think it might be 145W for me. But, I don’t know. Could someone who knows tell me?

Crossfit in the evening. I did 5 pull-ups. Basically I should retire now.


Swam 3,500 yards in the morning. Oh shit, my arms hurt. I intended to do  3 x 6 x 100 (descending) and then a pull, buoy set, but I was struggling to do the 100s in the low 1:20s. I had two weeks where I was swimming crazy fast easily, so fast. I was going to write a post about how I got fast at swimming. But, that went away. Now, I’m back to struggling for every yard.

About 10′ of PT and light strength stuff.


Biked 20 miles to the ferry and to the office and back. Moderate and easy and hard and, generally, the way commuting goes.


Biked the Point Reyes loop (42ish miles from my house) on my time trial bike. I need to work on getting used to my time trial bike. Did 2 x 10′ as half-Ironman tempo at 170W and did some drills, but mostly just tried to ride in the bars and get comfortable. Before the ride, I would have told you I hate the time trial bike and it sucks. But, then, I did the loop in 2:40. I have never done that loop in under 2:55 or so. It simply IS a three hour ride. Evidently, the bike may be fast. And, if it’s fast then I can deal with it being not my most favorite.

Swam 1,750 yards with lots of band swimming.

Yoga class.

Then: crashed my bike on the 15′ ride back from the gym.




I felt great, so I went to a TRX class.

Then, swam 2,000 yards easy and water ran for 20′. It felt good. I got all optimistic that everything was going to be great and I would just miss a day of training and get back on schedule. Yeah, no. Recovering from slamming your face into the ground takes more time than that.


Some days you feel better. Some days you feel worse. Sunday, I felt worse.

TOTAL: 11:10

I guess that’s not awful for breaking your teeth and going to the emergency room. Still. I’m having a hard time getting re-focused and motivated. And, it’s been a long, long time since I actually made a schedule and stuck to it through a whole week. This week was not that week.

3 thoughts on “Ironman Training Week 15: March 31-April 6

  1. No, but seriously. If there was ever a week to cut yourself a little slack for not sticking to a schedule…..

    Obviously you are not feeling totally normal yet, but SO glad you were feeling good enough to get a couple of workouts in later in the week, and also glad you’ve taken some rest days when you felt physically crappy. I’ve been worried about the aftermath for you all weekend. 😦

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