Ironman Training Week 14: March 24-30

Some weeks you sort of just need to disappear, freak out until it’s all out, and climb out of the Twitter hole you’re not entirely sure how you fell down. That’s what I felt like last week. There was lots of work due, which happens sometimes when all the deadlines fall right on top of each other. I had a complete losing my shit about logistics for this summer/fall and what we should do/need to do. I may have screwed up our taxes for the year and now the government wants all the money. And, I still can’t run. I definitely can’t run. I’m on around-the-clock ‘does my foot feel better this minute or worse than it did last hour’ duty. That meant that I also didn’t have a training plan, because I had planned on running, so workouts kept getting cut or changed or scratched.

It was not my best week. And, it should have been the second week in my last three week block before I started racing and building and stuff. Instead, it wasn’t.

But, I’m trying to tell myself that just is what it is and I need my foot to get better when I still have four months until Ironman. (Wait, does it feel better this minute. I think it might feel slightly worse than it did five minutes ago.) And, on the whole, I got in a decent training month. This self-mantra is only sort of working.


Crossfit with the high school kids at Nate’s class.

Rode about 20′ on the trainer trying to figure out my TT bike fit.


Rode to and from the ferry and the office in the city, so the usual: lots really easy and some really hard.


Rode 17 miles on the trainer as a hard workout: 3 x 10′ as 1′ at 220W, 2′ at 200W, 3′ at 180W, 4′ at 160W with 3′ recovery. (It was supposed to be 2′ recovery, but I started answering an email during recovery and it became 3′.) It was really very hard. For reference, 195W or so is my threshold as best I know it, so I’d say the 200W and the 180W were the hardest parts. Really, though, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it all because I’m terrible at riding on the trainer and I hate bike intervals over 5′. But, I did it. Yay me!

About 20′ of core and strength and PT work.

Did not run because it turns out I’m supposed to not run.


Swam 2,300 yards and water ran for 15′. None of it was crazy hard, but with some harder efforts mixed in to get things moving. Including the bike to the gym and the 5′ of core/strength work this totally counts as a decent workout. I think. At least, I’m telling myself.


Spontaneous rest day. More of a ‘fuck it’ day than a day of rest.


Rode the 37 miles around Nicasio Lake on the TT bike. I was going to ride home from Bodega Bay, but it turned out I forgot a saddlebag and it was sort of raining, so that’s not a super awesome time to ride without a spare tube or multi-tool (especially after you just moved all this stuff on your TT bike because you’re freaking out about the fact that it doesn’t feel right or fit right). Rode it at a moderate pace. Really just trying to get comfortable on the TT bike. Also almost crashed while trying to pull a bottle out of the behind-the-seat cage. There are still some kinks to work out.


I had to get up at 5:45 to drop Steve off to go skiing. It turns out the one time I wanted a gym to be open at 7 a.m., everyone decides to sleep in. What’s with that people. Why is Sunday the universal day we have decided not to do anything before 8 a.m. I did my own 30′ core routine instead, which included a lot of stuff from this one, and some PT.

Swam 3,700 yards with PacWest. It did not feel easy. I swam some 200s in 2:40s, but it hurt.

TOTAL: 9:25

Isn’t it amazing how some weeks it feels like no thing to get in 14 or 15 hours of training and some weeks 9 nearly kills you. If my foot gets better and I can come back to running soon, everything will be fine. Though, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that I should race HITS or run Boston.


5 thoughts on “Ironman Training Week 14: March 24-30

  1. Love reading your posts. I can understand the frustration of being injured and not able to train. I am also going through that phase.
    I liked that expression, ‘fuck it’ day. There are so many of them happening with me nowadays.

  2. ugh, i’m SOO sorry that you’re foot is being a bugger, I hope it DOES start feeling better soon…”act right so i can run already, effing foot!” hang in there!!
    awesome job on getting your core on, and thanks for the share…i’m glad you’re liking those exercises! 🙂

  3. Bummer about the foot. I definitely feel your frustration. Hope it’s feeling better (for real) soon! 😦

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