So, What’s My Plan Anyway?

When I was at training camp people kept quizzing me about how I coach myself. Isn’t it hard, weird, etc. And, I kept saying: “Well, I make an actual schedule and calendar. It’s not like I wake up each day and don’t know what I’m doing.” Haha, that would be crazy.


Since the foot injury on the very last run of the very last day of the very last camp, I’ve been sort of winging it. I was pretty sure at first that I had pulled or torn something in the arch of my foot, but everyone convinced me I really had plantar fasciitis. And, even though it didn’t have the tell-tale signs, I went with it because PF generally means that you can run through it if you can handle the pain. But, still, I’m not stupid, so I rested a week and tried to run briefly. Then, I took another five days or so off running and tried again. I managed to convince myself that if I could run some by the end of this week, then I could still get enough time on my feet in before Boston that my fitness would translate fine.

Well, yeah. It turns out my initial guess was right. I do have a torn muscle or fascia in the arch of my foot according to the fancy doctor. There’s not much to do about it besides let it rest, which means at least another 1-2 weeks of no running.

That means that right now this is pretty much my official training plan:

Rationally, I know that my fitness is good and won’t erode that quickly, that my biking and swimming will translate, that I can do some water running, and that I should take this time to build strength. Logically, I know that a month off running in March is better for an Ironman in July than limping along until then–even if it means that I may have to miss early season racing (or already have missed some). But, really, I’m freaking out. And, the fact that any given day I don’t know what exactly is on my training schedule doesn’t help, since I’m just waiting to see how the foot feels.

What if it doesn’t get better? What if my fitness disappears too much? What if I have to miss HITS and Boston and even Wildflower? What if this turns into one of those seasons where everything just keeps going wrong??

13 thoughts on “So, What’s My Plan Anyway?

  1. Times like this a little perspective probably helps. You got injured, what can you do about it?? Nothing, it happened so heal up in the best way possible. As to the unknown, what part of that can you control?? Nothing, so try not to stress about it.

    Each person is different, but being running injured is probably the worst of all 3 of the disciplines, because the other 2 can get boring. Biking, cuz you have to put in like 3 times the hours to get the same running workout, and swimming is swimming.

    Just focus on what you can control, which is what you can do, and hopefully the other will work out. If not you just have to deal with it right??

  2. I can understand what you are going through. The same thing happened with me 2 weeks prior to a marathon I was training for. Because of the PF, I had to take a break for a couple of months. Don’t worry. It’s just life. Get better to fight another day.
    And yeah, use a splint at night to heal up PF faster.
    I wrote an article on it and it might help you.

  3. It’s hard not to be able to train as you’d like, but you can deal with 1-2 weeks of not running, time will go by fast. Don’t worry, you will not lose fitness on that time.

  4. As a neutral observer who went through almost exactly the same thing (slightly different injury) this time last year, I can promise it will get better and if it is only 1-2 weeks out you won’t give up much of your hard earned fitness. I know it is difficult to see that right now through your eyes, but it is true. Relax. Better to get to your race 10% undercooked than to not get there at all because you pushed too hard before the injury was fixed. Do what my physio said to me: “Cool your heels!!”

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