Ironman Training Week 13: March 17-23

A quick recap of last week. Short version: aghhhh, why isn’t my foot better.


Rest, primarily because I had too much work.


Crossfit in the morning, in which I tried to do box jumps without jumping and hurting my foot.

Swam 3,900 yards in the evening. I was killing it. Did a series of 3 x 6 x 100 descending and I actually could not physically go slow enough on the easy ones. Swimming is weird. Followed that set with a band and pulling set.


Rode 50′ easy to test out my new bike fit. Followed chiro appointment with yoga routine and fretting about my foot.


Rode 18 miles on TT bike with 3 x hard hill repeats. They were about 7′, with one in 6:40, despite the fact that I’ve only ever done that hill in under 8′ one time.

Rode 5-6 miles to the high school and then rode back. Ran 5 miles mediumish with the kids. The foot hurt but never too bad.

Swam 1000 yards easy and then followed with yoga routine and PT.


Rode the 15′ to the gym and then back.

20-25′ of strength work on this new theory that part of my foot problem is because I slacked off on hip and glute strength. Squats and kettle bells and planks and stuff.

Swam 1,100 yards — too tired for more — and yoga’d.


Accidentally sorta skipped the biking to Santa Cruz. Slept in. Then rode 78 miles with Steve out to Tomales through Chileno Valley. So hard. Very hard. Possibly the hardest ride I’ve ever done, or one of the hardest. I was seeing things on the last descent into town, things that I’m pretty sure weren’t there.


Swam 3,000 yards with 1,000 yards for time as continuous swimming with 100 easy-100 hard alternating. I did it in 14:02. That is insane. I have never swum that test faster than 14:30. I’m pretty sure Hillary’s swim tips made me faster.

Another 20′ of light strength work this time and yoga, followed by worrying about the fact that we owe hella taxes somehow??

TOTAL: 14:00

I’m not happy about this week. I can’t run still and not knowing on any given day what I’m going to be able to do stresses me out. A lot. But, I’m telling myself my biking and swimming is better than ever. If I can just run enough, then I’ll be OK. The important question: how much is going to be enough?

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