Ironman Training Week 12: March 10-16

Last week was a recovery week from Camp #1 and Camp #2. AND, extra bonus, my right foot was/is crazy messed up. That made it a really, really easy decision to chill out. The arch of my right foot is getting better with rest, but I’m pretty sure I pulled or tore the muscle that runs along the bottom. I’m quite fit right now. The question is going to be if I can 1. not lose the fitness while letting my foot recover and 2. get running again soon (or soon enough).


Couldn’t quite walk around the airport. That’s basically the same as rest.


Biked the 15′ to the JCC, with a stop at the mall–in each direction. It barely even counted as a bike ride, since I just rolled all downhill one way.

Yoga class.


Swam 2,000 yards easy with a decent amount of pulling.

20′ of light core work and PT


REST, though walking around in dress shoes (even flats) hurt my foot again.


Rode 2:10 on the mountain bike, because my road bike was still in a truck somewhere and I thought it’d be fun to mix it up. It’s now official: I haven’t made it through a single mountain bike ride in 2014 without falling over.

10-15′ of yoga moves and stretching stuff.


Crossfit. Which was maybe stupid, because my foot got pretty sore from the 10 x 100 meter running, even though I did the running as a tempo jog. It was a decent test actually of if I could run again. It turns out the answer is: sort of not exactly. The first steps were insanely painful, then it just turned into a dull ache, but the whole rest of the day the arch of my foot was cramping and sore. Other than that, the workout was a lot of overhead presses, which I’m still feeling in my triceps today.

Swam 2,000 yards relatively easily again–not on purpose, my arms just hurt a lot.


Rode 60 miles hard with Steve. If I can’t run, I might as well make sure my bike fitness is the best it’s ever been. Steve and I rode the Marshall loop (which, if you’re from around here, is a landmark long and crazy hilly ride) in 3:49. I’m pretty sure that ride usually takes me closer to 5 hours than 4 hours. The whole time I was positive that I sucked and that my strong riding at Arizona camps was a fluke. But, the numbers don’t lie. I was actually riding insanely strong, averaging the best power numbers ever. Steve is just fast, even when he’s not training seriously.

TOTAL: 9:55

This is the start of my last sort of solid block of base training before I start racing and faster stuff, etc. In theory. But, I’m really messing around with my schedule and trying not to be limited by trying to cram everything inside a weekly structure. And, you know, praying the foot feels better. Magically.

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