Ironman Training Week 11: March 3-9

Otherwise known as Training Camp #2 — or the camp with The Team.

I made it through both training camps, more or less, sorta. And, managed to stack the three biggest volume weeks I’ve ever had in a row, which is both 1. encouraging and 2. amazing in how it emphasizes how much I have to gain with volume increases, like wow I really don’t generally do a lot of volume. So, if my foot can get better (and it is, it is) then I’m on a good track.


Ran 14 or so on trails on the last day of Training Camp #1. It took 2:35, even though we were the “fast” group. I’m pretty sure that’s not because we suck, but because it was all rocky and hilly and desert-y. And that doesn’t even include the break to stop and pull cactus balls out of Hillary’s leg and arm.

Swam about 900 yards easy (with some technique tips!) + some swimming with my legs tied via bands to the side of the pool. It’s quite hard to do, but I just kept figuring if I was actually going backwards someone would stop me.




Swam 1,100 yards easy to shake it out and did some stretching/rolling.


Swam 4,200 yards for the start of Training Camp #2. Swimming is stupid: I was so tired I could barely walk straight and yet I swam the fastest I’ve swum all year, consistently 1:21-22 pace. There were some 100s and 500s, 400, 300, etc.

Biked 60 miles with the group. I don’t generally love riding in groups, with all the speeding up and slowing down, but I was determined to sit on wheels for as long as possible. The whole thing went by fast, with only a little bit of riding on my own into the wind, and I only had to drop a few minutes of 400 watts here and there.

Ran just under 3 miles off the bike, relatively quickly. I mean the running was the quick. The amount of time it took me to get out the door was not quick.


Swam 3,800 yards. I tried to move up a lane — to see if I could find the right lane — but it was too hard. I pulled some 2:30 200s and then tried to keep up for the 100s on 1:20, but it just didn’t happen. So, I moved back down a lane for another 1,000 yards before my arms just gave out.

Everyone else did a 40K bike time trial test, but there were a number of reasons that was not a great idea for me (or probably really for them), so I rode an very, very easy 12 miles and ended up back at the hotel.

Ran about 7 miles in the evening as a natural running form clinic and workshop, followed by a hard workout. Try this: Continuous running as 5′ at tempo pace, 3′ at threshold, 1′ FAST, 1′ recover jog, repeat. It’s hard because you never stop and you don’t have enough time to really recover. Maybe it’s because I knew how hard that would be, but I was pleasantly surprised and didn’t blow up. I did three sets of that running, finishing with Ilyce at about 7:05-15, 6:40ish, 6:20ish? (who knows, it was just fast), and slow, slow jog. We finished in the dark and cooled down.


Rode 71 miles. It was supposed to be our 100+ mile ride, but, well, no. The whole 10 days I kept being sort of in between groups — not quite ‘fast’ yet, but getting there. So, my options were to either try to stick with the fast guys group, ride by myself or ride with some of the girls. They wanted to do the shorter ride and, really, so did I. I rode that steadily instead and then met up with my sister for sushi and stuff.


Some triathletes don’t know how to drink at night and run the next morning. Not me. That is something you definitely learn in collegiate triathlon. Ilyce and I ran 2:10 on some hot, boring, windy, sandy trails. She wanted to do 18 miles, but we only did 15.25 and called that enough. It was a hot, boring, windy, sandy run. But, you just keep moving through.

TOTAL: 17:45


Not sure yet what comes next in the training. I have a rough outline, but I need to see how this week of recovery goes and how I feel by the weekend. It seems like I, more or less, came out of this stronger and more confident and now I just need to keep that going. It also wasn’t the most craziest training ever, but it was what I needed and what I knew I could handle. Yesterday, when I was stressed about my foot hurting, Steve joked that I’m good now, I did the training and I should probably just coast in on that. Wouldn’t that be cool.

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  1. […] The second camp I was at in Arizona was the PacWest team camp. It was a fun mix of people from the race team and from the general public team. We’d have a team meeting each morning in the lobby of the hotel everyone was staying at and we’d get loaded into two vans to head out for all the days workouts. We tested out Finis products — I’m into the strapless paddles right now — and Newton shoes and Muscle Milk recovery drinks, took lots of pictures, went out for dinner and got to know everyone, which was cool. Also, you know, we got in a decent amount of training. […]

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