Ironman Training Week 10: Feb. 24-March 2

Obviously, this past week (and this current week) are really about Camp 1 and Camp 2. Trying to load a ton of work into two 4-5 day periods with some rest in between, hoping that it jumpstarts the training, helps me build up, kicks me in the ass, etc, etc.

It was surprisingly ok. Things hurt and were exhausting, but the only really bad moment was when the pinched nerve problem I keep getting in my right leg got really bad halfway up Mt. Lemmon. It hurt to sit on my bike; it hurt to pedal; tons of shooting pain. I stopped to stretch it out and tried to stand on my bike a decent amount. And, while it was sore the rest of the day, it was only debilitating for that hour in the middle/end of the climb. Yes, this is wildly concerning, particularly since it happens whenever I ride more than a few hours. But, I’m going to try my TT bike first and do some massaging or PT or something before I start worrying too much. (Though I’m really worrying already.)


Rested up for camp. Meetings.


Pilates class + 1,000 yards swimming easy to test out my new Finis paddles.


Biked 30′ in the pouring rain to get around. Ran 5 miles in less pouring rain with the high school kids. So wet, so cold.


I don’t know if you can call it rest when it’s driving and flying and driving and unloading and building your bike. But, mostly rest.


Rode 95 miles in 5:40 up to Madera Canyon and through the desert. It was, in terms of watts and kilojoules, one of the hardest rides I’ve ever done. For the first 2-2:30, I was fine, riding strong on people’s wheels or in the group. It was windy, but not bad. Then, a mile or so before the start of the 3.5 mile climb, I fell off the back of the fast group I was with. This may have been slightly in my head, because I hate when everyone bikes super hard uphill and I may have been a little worried about whether or not I could keep up and I may have promised myself I could stop at a bathroom to pee. The climb itself was fine and then we did a blistering pace line back down the false flats. It was insanely hard. The last 15′ or so of the ride, I definitely checked out and accidentally ended up momentarily in the parking lot of the BBQ restaurant.

Swam 2,750 yards with lots of band technique — which means swimming with a band around your ankles. It was hard.


Swam 1,000 yards in the morning before lightening forced the pool to close.

Skipped the bike ride in the rain.

Swam another 8,500 yards in the evening. Yes, some other people started over at the beginning, but since it was the longest any of us had swum, our lane decided we’d just count what we’d done in the morning. The workout was 100 x 100, with the primary sets: 30 x 100 as 5 x (3 x 100 on 1:40, 2 x 100 on 1:35, 100 on 1:30), 30 x 100 as paddles, buoy, band — which I had to try and do without the paddles some and switch up since I’ve never swum even one-third of that much with paddles (this is also when I skipped like 400-500 yards going to the bathroom and screwing around with paddles, etc), and 12 x 100 as sprint 25/easy 75. I pretty much swam all 1:25s, even at the end, even when I thought I couldn’t feel my arms. Go me.


Biked up Mt. Lemmon (5 miles to the base + 25 miles up) after waiting for it to open from the ice storm the night before. I was, uh, not prepared mentally or emotionally for this. I was prepared for a steady 2.5 hour ride up. Instead, I got dropped off the pack of fast girls in the first two miles of the climb. I looked down at my power meter, saw 200+ watts and was like, nope, see you guys later. For about 10-14 miles I was riding around 160-170W, caught one person and was catching another. My right leg was killing me though, killing me. It feels like the bike seat pinches the nerve at the base of my sitbone on my right side and sends waves of pain and weakness down my leg. I stopped to stretch it and put on some warm clothes, then rode most of the rest of the way relatively easy with one of the girls.

The only problem? It was storming at the top, freezing and piles of snow. And, we had to descend before really reaching the top. My fingers tried to fall off at that point. When I stumbled into the Cookie Cabin, I was delirious and swearing and everyone already there told me to huddle by the fire and sit under blankets some Boy Scout Troop Leader had given them. After an hour, we made the trip all the way back down. It was not as bad as expected, but if it had been we’d probably be dead.

Then, ran 4 miles off the bike descending to 6:30. (Or, other people descended more, but that’s the fastest I ran.)

TOTAL: 16:50

It’s not really about the week, clearly. Since we did a 2.5 hour easy trail run Monday morning and now I’m resting up again. I was pretty happy with how I made it through the camp. There are things I would have done different or better, but I also know where I’m at and what I can expect. And, I may have only been a total weirdo to like half the people there. I tried not to be totally strange, but sometimes I just say shit. Who knows. Now, just to fix these little problems and keep the momentum moving forward. Week 11 and beyond…

10 thoughts on “Ironman Training Week 10: Feb. 24-March 2

  1. I want more info on the 100×100! You only listed about 75×100. What was the rest or times for the paddle set? What were the other 25?!

  2. also, how long does 10,000 take you? it’s insane to think about…that would be a long time at the pool.

    1. It depends obviously on how fast you go, but it took us about 2:50, with stops for eating and drinking.

      The workout was 10 x 100 easy on like 1:45, which might have been a bit slow, because it should be like easy steady swimming. Then 10 x 100 as 25 hard/75 easy on like 1:40. 30 x 100 as the 5x 3 – 1:40, 2 – 1:35, 1 – 1:30. Then 3 x 100 easy kick. 30 x 100 paddle, buoy, band, descend 1-5 on like 1:35 or something, I dunno it wasn’t too fast. 12 x 100 25 SPRINT/75 easy on like 1:35 or something. Then 5 x 100 easy.

      These were my intervals obviously and they were pretty easy to make, but I’d also never swum anything close to that far, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. During the sets, I wouldn’t take extra rest, but after each I’d grab something to drink from a bottle on the deck and after each of the big sets I ate something (gel, chew) too.

      1. Thanks for the info. Can’t wait to give it a try, but don’t think i’ll be up for Mt. Lemmon the next day. really enjoy the blog.

  3. “I tried not to be totally strange, but sometimes I just say shit.” This pretty much describes my life…

    That sounds like one awesomely insane week!!

  4. […] The main difference between the camps was that at training camp (v. team camp) you were relatively self-sufficient. Get to where you’re supposed to be when you’re supposed to be there; leave when you’re done, feed yourself, do or don’t do what you want on the schedule (or, maybe that was just me because I’m self-coached). It was supported by a friend driving a SAG car and three group leaders who all knew the area, but otherwise you needed to make sure you could deal with things on your own. Also, the weather was crazy, so we kept revising — but never cutting workouts. NEVER. It was about the same amount of training and as hard. […]

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