Ironman Training Week 8: Feb 10-16

It probably says something about the volume I generally maintain that this week was close to one of my biggest weeks ever. 14:40 is not really that big volume, especially not for Ironman triathletes. But, I’m not a big volume person, so I almost always averaged more like 12-14 hours. The fact that I’m handling not just the slightly higher volume, but that I’m also able to build on it and that it’s not easy shit volume but is mostly quality, makes me feel relatively good about where I’m at. And, my body is holding up better than I would have hoped. I’m exhausted, sure, but then I recover. Like how it’s supposed to work.


OFF. I considered swimming. I also considered running. But, it was a rest day.


Biked 38 miles via my favorite Marin cycling route. Rode it moderately hard, averaging like 140-something watts before I started the descent, particularly pushed the two 20′ climbs, and it was possibly the first time I’ve done that whole ride under three hours. Also, in case anyone was wondering: Ridgecrest is closed to cars because of a mudslide. (I suppose technically it’s closed to bikes too. And, not that I’m a rulebreaker — except I totally am — but theoretically if you went around the gate and rode it on a Tuesday morning it’d be amazingly empty with awesome views.)

Swam 1,000 yards easy. And did a short yoga routine in the evening.


Ran 9 miles with 4 miles or so progressing tempo. I think I ran them as like just under 8:00, 7:38, 7:19, 7:03, or something. I was dying though. 7:03 does not equal current marathon pace. And, then, my left calf did this weird seizing up/feeling like it’s ripping thing that it does sometimes.

TRX class right after that run was Rough. I definitely sort of faked my way through it.

Then, swam 1,200 yards easy. Super easy.


Biked 20 miles to the ferry, to the KQED office and back. Overall it was an easy pace (like 90W), but some of it was quite spirited — of the ‘agh, going to miss the ferry’ variety.


Sometimes you have to know when to call it. It’s an art. I had planned to swim. But, then, Steve had the car, so I thought I’d bike to the JCC. Except somewhere in my head I decided it’d make more sense to get in an easy run and just run to the JCC. Then, as I headed out the door I realized it’s not exactly 2.5-3 miles each way; it’s like 4 miles each way. And, then, as I ran, I also realized I felt like shit. Called it. Instead, ran a 4 mile easy loop around the mall and then did a Yoga routine and stretched and rolled.


Ran 2:00 on the trails (my favorite Marin run) with Ilyce, which was probably around 14 miles. I have no idea, though. I didn’t wear a GPS. It wasn’t that kind of run. And, I felt surprisingly fine. Tired. But, no pain or problems. Massive relief.

Followed that up with light core and light lifting. And, swam 1,600 yards easy.


Swam 3,300 yards with PacWest. It was not my most amazing swimming ever, but I did it. Lots of 200s in the low 2:50s. EVERYONE was at the Tam pool on Sunday morning. Basically, if you’re a triathlete in Marin, then you were there.

Biked 19 miles from Tam around Paradise Drive, moderately easy around 110W and doing some cadence drills — ie. low and high cadence.

Then, followed the bike with a short 30′ run — 10′ easy then 8 x 1′ hard, 1′ easy. It was supposed to be 10 x 1′ but, well, close enough.

TOTAL: 14:40


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