Ironman Training Week 6: Jan. 27-Feb. 2

Yeah, yeah, it’s Wednesday. There’s a segment of the blogging internet that believes you should post something every day. I tried that for most of the first year of Sunny Running. I’m not sure I believe in it. Also, I do believe that I have other work to do. But, I should be more on top of things. So, we’ll add that to the list of New Year’s resolutions.

Last week was a rest week. It was supposed to be a rest 3-5 days. But, then my body sort of crapped out on me and I had the last of my journalism school apps due on Friday. And, it just sort of became a really easy work. Ah well. Isn’t the resting when you’re actually getting fitter? Right?


Biked about 20 miles easy to the ferry IN THE DARK and then to the KQED office and then back the other way in the evening — again in the dark. I generally wear cycling clothes and change at work, so it’s an actual ride at paces ranging from leisurely to ‘oh shit, I’m going to miss the boat.’ But, still, there’s a certain amount of dicking around and coasting that happens riding through the city, etc. On the way back, I didn’t really feel like changing into tights, so I just wore my skinny jeans the whole ride home. They’re basically the same thing.


OFF. I have no recollection of what I actually did, except that it didn’t involve as much work as it should have.


Yoga class in the morning and 1,200 yards of easy swimming.


Ran 4 miles in the hills above my house easy. Did 20′ of very light core and PT work. In case you were wondering this almost always involves: a combination of different kinds of sit-ups totalling generally around 100, leg raises, bridges (one-legged and otherwise), hamstring curls on a ball, clamshell PT exercises, planks of varying lengths and on each side, push-ups, squats (one-legged and normal), wall sits, side-stepping with band around ankles and then usually some balance and foot strength stuff. What exactly of this I do exactly depends on my feelings that day and sometimes it includes other stuff too I throw in.


Swam 2,050 yards at Masters. It was a low-key Masters day and they were preparing for a race next weekend, so in classic Masters fashion I spent a good amount of the workout practicing my turns and block starts. Something I totally need for Ironman obviously. I was 1 for 3 in not losing my goggles on the dive. The 1 was my first one. Then I started thinking about it.


My body fell apart sometime Friday. It was awful. My hip flexor was all messed up, my knee, my back. I don’t know what happened. I ran a very hobbling 9-something miles on Saturday on hilly trails with eight hill sprints in the middle. Then, did drills and strides in the grass.


It rained! This was good/crazy. It also blew my plans for riding three hours. I am NOT riding the one day it rains in six months. Instead, did this Yoga for Triathletes video.

Swam 1,500 yards easy. It was supposed to be more, but my heart started doing some crazy stuff in the middle and I couldn’t catch my breath. That pretty much never happens swimming. So, I got out and ended up spending an hour fighting the Safeway Super Bowl crowds, still having a hard time breathing right.

TOTAL: 6:45


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