Ironman Training Week 4: Jan. 13-19

I think I’m back. I mean, let’s not jinx it or anything, but I did manage an actual entire week of training without anything too terrible happening.

Also, it turns out that having had two weeks off + two weeks of flu that was supposed to be getting back into things + bike and car accidents, I am now officially out of shape. It officially sucks.


Rode 1:20. I didn’t have a computer on my bike, so it’s like it didn’t even happen. Was really just trying to 1. ride easy to see if I felt any better after the car bullshit and 2. get some things done that had to get done but we didn’t have a car because of the car bullshit.


Rode 2:00 in the morning moderately hard, since the massive 1:20 easy ride didn’t suck. It was about 30 miles (but, come on, I live by hills) with 2 x 10′ of tempo at 175 watts or so. Only, I may not be in the most amazing shape ever because after the second 10′ effort my heartrate went up and it never exactly came back down. And did 2 x 5′ of high cadence, which also made my heartrate skyrocket.

25′ or so of core + PT. (Actually 40′ or core + PT + watching TV, so you know.)

Rode another 20′ easy to pick up rental car.

Swam 1,000 yards easy.


After having a not-small panic attack Tuesday night about everything I had to do on Wednesday and also not going to sleep until 12:45 or something, I revised my training plan for the morning. TRX class — during which I’m pretty sure I didn’t say a single word, not being in the best mood ever — and swam 1,2500 yards mostly easy. The main highlight was that I swam a 1:17 without killing myself. Not multiple 1:17s, just one, but it’s a start.


Ran 8.25 miles with 2 x 10′ at 6:40-41 pace and then 6:43-45 pace (not deliberately slower on the second, just wasn’t holding onto it). This was actually supposed to be 2 x 15′ and it was actually supposed to be on Wednesday morning. But, shit happens. And, being out of shape happens. Oh man, that really happens.

Did some Yoga, stretching, etc.


Ran 4.75 miles easy on the most boringest Bay Trail ever behind the Target after getting a body work estimate on the car bullshit. Did drills and strides. Almost had my legs collapse under me because my right butt muscle is so sore. Did not know why.

Swam 3,000 yards with a main set that I had planned on being 3 x [5 x 100] steady pace. I did the first five in like 1:25-26 and then I tried to do the second five as IMs. But, it turns out my shoulder/neck is mostly ok from the car bullshit, but not ok enough that it wants to do butterfly. Abandoned that and went back to swimming 100s free in 1:25. Felt tired and exhausted and like I was swimming like shit, but they all kept being 1:25. This is possibly the slowest I have swum in four or five years, but it’s not the slowest I have ever swum. So.


Light PT and Yoga.


Rode 32 miles, 2:00 with Steve in Napa, which included a long moderately hard climb (and a long descent) and a whole lot of working really hard to stay on his wheel.

Swam 1,850 yards easy while all the footballling was happening.

TOTAL: 12:35

Not bad. About three weeks behind schedule, but not bad.

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