Riding in Napa: Howell Mountain

This is where Steve and I rode yesterday, except in color:

Howell Mountain, from My Climbs.
Howell Mountain, from My Climbs.

We were in Calistoga to hang out, etc. (Though, I suppose, we could have saved the drive since we didn’t actually go to any vineyards, but just to wine shops and wine bars. It’s not like there’s a whole lot of benefit to wine being fresh…)

Then, we rode Howell Mountain yesterday. You should check out all the pictures and descriptions this guy has of the long Howell Mountain climb. Up until now, I had always been relatively unimpressed with Napa riding. Or, rather, everyone kept going on about the Silverado Trail and I kept staring at them like ‘you know it’s just a flat-ish, rolling, pretty heavily-trafficked road that you have to bike in the shoulder, which is often filled with crap?’ But, the climbs out of the valley are actually pretty cool.

It took me about 29′ stop sign to stop sign, which was me going quite moderately hard with Steve. And, if we had kept going, we could have gone all the way up, over to Pope Canyon, etc, etc. So, there’s more to riding in Napa than going up and down Silverado and stopping at wineries. Fyi.

9 thoughts on “Riding in Napa: Howell Mountain

  1. Sounds like a great ride.
    By the way, your blog title … I like it. Sort of like how I feel about biking 🙂

  2. Ooh, I have heard I should do this climb. I love long climbs but have a major fear of things getting so steep that I won’t be able to unclip — not that I would need to unclip, just that I would get it in my head that I COULDN’T and then it all goes to shit — but this looks manageable, maybe.

  3. Is it wrong that when you say “Howell Mountain,” I think, “Ooh, really good zin comes from there!”? Hope not, because that is probably not changing.

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