Ironman Training Week 3: Jan. 6-12

Oh yeah, right, workouts and stuff. I had a rough few days/weeks/whatever and I went into a funk Sunday and Monday. We have medical insurance that would cover my injuries from the accident, but what was I going to get treated for? General malaise? Then, the last two days have been packed with work, since it turns out that if you already had things piling up and then you don’t do anything for 48 hours it starts to add up — and then I got an extra last-minute assignment to deal with.

So, right. Working out.

Last week was what I’d consider the first real week of training. Week 1 and Week 2 were supposed to be prep, easing into things weeks, which they sort of were. But, they were also weeks of me having the flu and being sick and coughing so hard I threw up. Last week then was better than that. And, then, you know, IT REALLY WASN’T.


Rest day. Went to weird stretching Feldenkreis class.


Swam 2900y during lunch break of the never-ending jury duty. I was actually really proud of myself for rushing across the street, swimming, rushing back and eating a sandwich in the hall outside the courtroom. Swim workout was mostly steady 300s, 200s, 100s. Not fast. I am NOT fast right now in the pool.

20′ or so of core and PT.


Biked about 25 miles significantly more uptempo than the rides I did the last two weeks, plus 8 x 2′ big ring hill efforts. Did not even need to stop and blow my nose or choke coughing. This was a big deal. Followed by some yoga and stretching routine.

Did not swim because it was late and dark and cold.


Ran just under 7 miles with a massively failed try at some hard efforts. Managed one 3′ effort and three 1′ false starts.

Crossfit in the evening, with lots of arm work and benching, etc. And, per usual, the Crossfit coach was flummoxed by me because I can’t lift almost anything over my head. But, I can lift that tiny amount lots and lots of times without tiring. So, they say, do a heavier weight. No. I reach failure before the workout is even over. It’s like they can’t understand that the limiter is not my aerobic abilities.


Ran five miles in the morning with Steve. It was supposed to be easy and it mostly was, but Steve needs to work on running easier.

Swam 1,550y easy in the evening — even though Friday evening workouts suck.


Biked about 26 miles in the rain. What rain you say? There was no rain this weekend, you say? Yes, well, there was only rain at the one place I drove to in order to ride. Evidently I am stupid. Rode up a long, long climb, which was really bad to come down, and then out along the edge of Tomales Bay. Good, solid two hour steady ride, but exhausting.

Then, crashed the car and tried to do a little yoga and stretching after but laid on the floor of the living room mostly.



Everything got cut because of the car crash. No running, no swimming, no even putting on regular clothes.

TOTAL: 9:15

I’m hoping the string of circumstances that have led to me cutting things and not being totally on schedule are over now. Of course, as I say that I’m over an hour late on when I planned to do my run workout today that was originally supposed to be yesterday, but I had to finish assignments first.

Also, I am in a bad mood because of this. Really don’t mess with me.

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