Ironman Training Week 2: Dec. 30-Jan. 5

Last week was supposed to the the second and final of the ‘easing back into training’ weeks. It was also the second and (hopefully) final of the being super sick weeks. After the first week of doing very little and resting, I mostly felt better last week — except for one small, minor problem. I couldn’t stop coughing.

So, there wasn’t much to do except do what I could do. It was a very slow, very not up to par week. Hard to remember that I was in pretty good shape a month ago? Hard to imagine I’ll be in decent shape again?


Ran another painfully easy, trying to just move, 5 miles — this time in the hills above my house.

Swam 1500y easy. All focused on trying to see if I was still sick, if getting off the couch helped at all. Verdict remained out.


Swam 3000y. 3000 YARDS! That’s the most I’ve swum in one workout since October maybe, who knows, who counts that high. I also included one of my standard test sets (which I think originally came from Jen Harrison) — for time 1000y continuous as 100 hard/100 easy. It took me 15:11. That is, for better or worse, not the slowest I’ve ever done it. But, it’s close. It is the slowest I’ve ever done it while feeling like I was killing myself the entire time. Was surprised that I managed to stay afloat.


I fully intended to bike 2:30. Really. Swear. But, see, when snot is coming out of your face so fast and thick that you can’t even stop it all, it sort of makes biking more challenging than it needs to be. I made it 20′ before I had to stop at a gas station and run for some tissue. While in the gas station bathroom I made an executive decision. Biked 18 miles instead with only two more nose-blowing stops.

15′ of light core/PT/etc.


Ran 6.5 miles easy at China Camp. It was not awful, which was unexpected and exciting. Did drills and strides in between coughing fits.

35′ or so of strength work at the gym. I fully intended to swim after. Really. Swear. But, see, I didn’t feel like it. Reasoned that I really am trying not to push it as I was getting better and still coughing everywhere. Lots and lots of coughing. So much coughing. Coughing that makes people nervous and anxious and worried you’re going to choke to death.


Slept in, which was good, and almost didn’t have to take multiple doses of Nyquil. Almost. Biked easily the 15′ over to the gym and swam an easy 1000y. Really just an effort to leave the house once during the day and change out of my pajamas — even if it was just into sweats.


Ran 8 miles with PacWest up and over the Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Field. This was not my most best smartest decision ever, but I wanted to run with the group. But, I had been coughing so badly — especially in the mornings and especially before and after workouts — that I hella freaked people out. Like really freaked everyone out. Like, in the visitors center at the bridge, some tourists got to see the wonderful additional view of me choking and trying not to cough so hard I threw up, which has happened more than a few times in the last two weeks. Did drills and strides at Crissy Field after to the bewilderment of many more tourists.

Napped all afternoon.


Rode 17 miles easy. Felt ok. So there. Napped all afternoon.

TOTAL: 8:45

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know.

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