2014: Making Plans and Other Shit

Are we over the new year yet? Bored with resolutions and declarations and reflections and all that?

I don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions (and I sort of wish all the people that are crowding the gym and my trails right now didn’t either), but I do make plans. Lots and lots of plans. Big plans, megalomaniac plans, weekly plans, year plans, day plans. Basically, if it was a job, I would be the fucking Beyonce of making To Do lists.

The key to making plans, in case you were wondering, is to never really follow through with those plans. It saves a lot of time and energy. I’m pretty much a pro at that too.

But, this year, in addition to preparing all the beginning of the year/end of the year calendars and lists, I thought I’d actually also reflect and achieve some stuff too. So, I sat down and thought. I thought about what I want to do in triathlon and racing. I thought about what I want to do in work and in life and all that stuff outside triathlon. I also thought of some story ideas just for good measure. Being a freelance writer/reporter (which, BY THE WAY, there seems to be a lot of confusion at holiday parties about what I actually do for a living besides be a baller personality, so to be clear: I make a completely solid living as a reporter, writer, do-er of the internet and knowledge broker), but being a freelancer can make it hard to get a good grasp on projects and goals and what was accomplished and what you hope to still accomplish. No one is checking up on you but you. And, in turns out, I am a terrible task-master. That means that for the almost two years I’ve been freelance, I’ve spent lots of time up and down and up and down. ‘I’m the most amazing writer ever, book agent asking for my proposal!’ Then: ‘Oh my god, everyone hates me; how can this many people reject my ideas in a row?!’ Big plans, big let-down, etc.

I’m not going to tell you my goals for this year or what I wrote down after all my thinking. I’ve learned that ends badly. And, when things don’t work out, everyone keeps asking ‘Did you get that job?’ Look, if something big actually comes through, trust me, you’ll know.

This, though, is what I mainly came up with:

DO THE WORK I WANT TO DO (subgoal: Decide what that is)

Watch out 2014!

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