Ironman Training Week 1: Dec. 23-29

I always think it’s weird when people do their training logs as “week 3” or “week 17” – because like week 17 of what? Life? People used to ask me all the time what I was training for when I had a huge schedule of races and I’d never know what to say. “To get fast?” Training starts, it stops, it starts again.

But, with Ironman I have a very specific goal circled on the calendar. And, week one was last week. I have 26 more weeks until IM CDA. This whole counting down thing may end up stressing the shit out of me. Here it goes.


Mountain biked 1:40 on the 680 Trail. Fell down some rocks, which was problematic since I was half way through and far from home. I also almost hit a cow.

Feldenkrais class. It’s sort of like PT/Yoga/stretching. Not sure if I can explain it or if it was beneficial.


SICK, watched TV


Biked 42 miles with some friends to Pt. Reyes Station. I still felt stuffed up and sort of sick but, other than having to blow my nose a lot, I was fine. Fine-ish. It was still a longer ride than I’ve done in a bit.

Some light core and stretching and yoga stuff after.


Crossfit after work. I just tried to take it light to get moving and get some strength. But, I am terrible at jumping rope and I probably should have rested more before trying to do anything hard.

On another note: Crossfitters don’t take jokes about Crossfit well. The coach was explaining that they have this one workout where they don’t do any of the Metabolic Conditioning, running, aerobic stuff — just lifting. And, I joked, “Cause if there’s one thing Crossfit has too much of, it’s running.” They didn’t think it was funny.


Feeling sick again. Or, rather, didn’t ever stop feeling sick. It’s up and down. Stuffed up, no sore throat. Sore throat, not stuffed up. Cough, cough, cough.


Ran 4 miles easy the slowest I have possibly ever run 4 miles + drills + core work and PT, etc. It was not fun.

TOTAL: 7:40

A less than stellar start. And the bummer is: I’m still hacking and stuffed up and taking so much Nyquil that it’s giving me the shakes and I had to Google ‘Nyquil overdose.’ But, it’s also getting better some times. It’s hard to tell what to do. I know you can train when it’s above your neck and I know you should rest, but I also have a history of developing a cough that hangs on for weeks, which isn’t something you can do anything about. The only obvious thing is that this two-week break has sucked.

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