The Most (and Least) Popular Sunny Running Posts

In celebration of the first year anniversary of Sunny Running this past Tuesday, here are the ten most popular posts from this year:

All of this seems to suggest that things about how to train or dealing with common training questions tend to do better than things about me (but isn’t it all about me really). Conversely, here are the ten least popular posts — from least to less least — this year, because that’s just how I roll and because it appears y’all really do not like the Tour of California:

What else should I write about? What do you want to read?

4 thoughts on “The Most (and Least) Popular Sunny Running Posts

  1. I read, I don’t really care what you write I don’t think. So my vote is whatever you want. As long as it isn’t about Triathlon. 😉 j/k

  2. I had not yet found your blog when you wrote your 24 Hour Fitness rant, so all I have to say is THANK YOU, because I still think that’s a majorly messed-up thing for a freaking gym to require.

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