Training Week: Dec. 16-22

Last week was the end of my “off-season” and the beginning of starting to think about training. It was a mixed bag.


Biked about 12-13 miles easy to the ferry, to the office and back.


Biked 14 miles home from working in Mill Valley, which included stops at 1. the bookstore, 2. Best Buy (worst place in the world in the weeks before Christmas) and 3. Safeway. And, I may have gotten a little overambitious in all the stuff I bought at Safeway.


Whoa, slow down, let’s not got nuts on the working out. Rest day/lots of shit to do day.


35′ or so of basic strength work at the gym and swam 1400y.


Yoga. Except it was very boring yoga and was basically a slow stretching class with a lot of “feeling the earth beneath our feet.”


I intended to go for a bike ride, but instead I ended up at Best Buy again (ugh), Safeway and two separate shopping centers — all non-Christmas related and all a mistake.


Yeah, no.

Today marks the official start of Ironman Training. I suspect I will get very boring now and do nothing but ride my bike and go to bed early. And probably cry. I suspect there will be more than a few times I start crying.

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