Things I Have Done to Prepare for Ironman/Triathlon Training

  • Re-start my pool/gym membership that lapsed a year ago
  • Get my road bike tuned up and cables replaced
  • Join a new team
  • Plan my base training
  • Sign up for races
  • Make arrangements (some of them) to go to training camp weekend with Hillary in Feb/March
  • Consider just staying in Arizona for a week to go to new team camp the following weekend and really put in a week of crazy work in between
  • Yoga
  • And, stay at yoga for the entire class without leaving
  • Talk to coaches, pick people’s brains
  • NOT apply up for a number of new jobs, fellowships and gigs that have come up, so that I can actually have enough time to train and recover without being crazy overbooked — this has to be some kind of first for me
  • Rest
  • ART appointment and massage to deal with my messed up leg/foot
Things I Still Have To Do:
  • Get my Garmin to download
  • Figure out why my PowerTap isn’t working
  • Find my heartrate monitor
  • Devise functional strength/preemptive recovery plan to help prevent injury
  • Train

Watch out people, this shit is getting real. I might actually be taking IM training seriously for the next seven months.

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