Training Week: Dec. 2-8

This is what I did last week, not that you should copy what I did, since I massively failed at the whole point — running fast when it was time to run fast. For the next two weeks I will not be doing much of anything, since it’s my official 1-2 week off-season break before diving into IM training at the end of the month. At that point, I will put this all behind me and we will start over with a blank slate — except a blank slate that is still sort of fit. Right?


Ran 7 miles with 2 x 2 miles at marathon race pace, except actually the first two were 6:52, 6:56. So, then I tried to make sure the second two-miler was exactly on pace — 7:03, 7:06. But, it was concerningly not easy. I tried not to worry about this.


Ran 4ish miles very easy. Actually ran it as a tour of my old Chicago neighborhood and went by my old house.


Light Crossfit workout. Which sounds stupid. But, basically just ignored directions that said “heavy weight” and used the whole thing as a sort of up-tempo effort to shake things out.


Rode 1:00 easy. One of these days was supposed to be swimming, but it’s too cold for swimming.




Ran 4 miles easy with four or five hard pick-ups and two minutes at race pace.


The personal marathon disaster.

Now, I’m alternating between moping and eating too many cookies to mope. We’ll see how I feel at the end of two weeks or so.

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