Training Week: Nov. 25-Dec. 1


This last week was the first taper week before CIM or the last real week of training or Thanksgiving, depending on your point of view. As such, I did what any logical person would do: short, fast, and rest.


Rode about 1:05 easy to and from the high school and home and the running store to buy new shoes, obviously, to solve all my problems. Ran 4.5 miles what was supposed to be easy with the high school boys, but they were in a mood, so it was relatively quick.


If you read my Twitter, you know I was not excited about what my high school boys decided to do for Tuesday. We met at 6 a.m. in the dark and cold on the high school track for their last hard(ish) workout before the state meet on Saturday. It was so dark that when they started doing their 600s, they kept yelling at me across the track: ‘Can you see us, Kelly??’

After doing some of their warm-up and cool-down, I did my own track workout: 1 mile at 6:38 (supposed to be marathon pace, but marathon pace feels crazy slow on a track, like no one should run that slow on a nice smooth track), then 5 x 800m at 3:01, 3:01, 3:02, 3:00, 3:03, then another mile at “marathon pace” — actually 6:42, which is definitely not my marathon pace.


Ran 4 miles easy along the Chicago River near my parent’s house. My face was so cold I wanted to claw my eyes out.


Turkey Day 5K. 19:44 — not too good, not too bad.


Off. Partially to visit family and partially to properly prepare for the high school reunion in the evening. Oh, and partially, because it was a good day to rest.


Swam 2,000 easy, which felt good for about 800y and then definitely did not feel good. Then, did about 30′ or so of TRX and light core work, etc — mostly telling Steve how to use the TRX.

On a side note: If you need a gym in Chicago, the Lincoln Square Athletic Club is a winner. It’s part of a chain in Chicago, but I can’t speak about the other ones. I only went to this one is because it’s new and it’s by my parents. It’s nice, mostly because it’s new and not because it’s really fancy, but what was really impressive is that it had all the stuff. You know how most gyms have fancy weight machines, but don’t have basic yoga elastic bands for people to use. Or, they have stationary bikes that connect to your iPhone, but they only have one size of kettlebell. This place had all the stuff. We did some TRX on straps that were out for anyone to use and some core work on Bosu balls and stabilizing platforms and then Steve did some yoga work and I did some light weights. And, then, and this was the kicker for me: I took a shower in one of those overhead waterfall showers. Eventually, my life will be complete when I’m able to install one of those in my own house.


Ran 10 miles along the lakefront, with Steve accompanying me for some of it — something he regrets now. Easy, but with some slightly uptempo miles in the middle. Mostly, though, I average 7:50s (which is fast for me for an easy run) because it’s just so damn flat in Chicago. Also, it was downright pleasant out, having warmed up to the high-30s.

TOTAL: 6:55


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