Training Week: Nov. 18-24

Who knows. Who KNOWS. Did I mention coaching yourself can be stressful and cause a lot of self-induced panic?


Ran 8.75 miles with 6 x 5′ at 6:41, 6:40, 6:25, 6:38, 6:28, 6:33. The ones in the 6:20s were actually the easiest because of the false flat of the long path, so that one way is slightly downhill and one is up. Also, I guess I eventually got in a groove.


Rain. God I hate the rain. Tried to bike to the ferry, but failed. Turned around after getting soaked, which totaled like 30′ of biking. Then, took the bus to cross-country practice, because I didn’t feel like getting wet again. But, with some kind of accident and traffic, it took an hour. AN HOUR. I’m not making this up, I can run from my house to the high school in 40′. After I finally got there, ran about 3.5 miles easy with the kids.


TRX class, which was surprisingly hard and ab-aching.

Swam 1,600y easy after, with a handful of hard 100s thrown in.


Crossfit class in the morning. I deadlifted 160 lbs. That seems like a lot to me, but I guess it’s not? Then, we did like a set of stuff that involved a lot of overhead presses (which I’m terrible at ever since I slammed a bar into my mouth and bit through my lip) and a lot of sit-ups (which were awful with how much my abs hurt from TRX).


Ran 20 miles. It’s a combination of my favorite running route, plus running up and over the hill from my house into San Anselmo, then hooking up at Phoenix Lake, watershed, back down to Deer Park, through Fairfax and back over the hill. It was rough and slow and felt awful. But, I did manage a couple 7:30s and even a bit of that at 7:00 at the end, so I suppose that’s encouraging, even if it felt really hard.


The beat-up-ed-ness prompted a revised schedule. Biked 25′ or so to pick up the car, then ran around the high school sectional meet to watch — mostly SPRINT, jog, walk, SPRINT.


Did not make it to the race I intended to make it to. Mountain biked the 680 Trail instead, which amounted to about 1:40 of riding — some of it really hard, the kind where I have to lean way over the front of my bike to stop it from tipping, and some of it not so hard. If you haven’t been to the trail, you should try it. And, yes, you will feel like you’re lost.

Not bad overall? Maybe?

TOTAL: 10:05

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