A Conversation About Gender Roles and Cycling

Lately, Steve and I have been riding with him on the mountain bike and me on my road bike. This evens out the playing field some, since riding a mountain bike on the road is slower, which is probably good for the health of our relationship. But it also makes us look pretty recreational, since he’s sort of dicking around on the mountain bike instead of all being decked out in his fancy gear like usual.

This past weekend, we were riding and a guy with a backpack and a bell sprinted to pass us, after we passed him at a light, and then slowed down right ahead of us. Steve and I basically had this conversation then:

Steve: That was weird.
Me: That doesn’t happen to you? Happens to me all the time.
Steve: No. I usually get respect.
Me: Yeah, well, middle-aged weekend warriors always feel the need to sprint past me. The problem is it’s just enough work to beat them that it’s sort of hard. On the other hand, though, cars don’t harass me as much since I look little and female.
Steve: It’s a trade-off.

4 thoughts on “A Conversation About Gender Roles and Cycling

  1. I’ve been cycling for the past 22 yrs. I’m 54. Am car-free last 30 yrs.

    Let go and to heck with guys passing you. Otherwise you won’t enjoy cycling daily and remain fit.

    My partner has logged in over 200,000 km. over the last 25 yrs. He has done several cross-country bike rides…on his own with his panniers. Do you think younger middle-aged guys even know what he’s accomplished?? He doesn’t give a damn what they think. Nor is his ego hurt.

    Be strong in your mind and heart while riding.

  2. Some men really don’t like getting chicked. I’ve had a pack of dudes chase me down after I passed them on a climb. I don’t get it. You’d think they would like the view 🙂

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