Can You Run Down a Cheetah?

From Run Blogger.

This video’s going around about the running down animals hunting method — and there’s a story of a goat-herder in Kenya running a cheetah to death after the cheetah killed his goats.

The men waited until the hottest part of the day before launching the chase over a distance of four miles (6.4km).

The cheetahs got so tired they could not run any more.

Obviously, this is not the first time this has been discussed, but still, it’s cool to actually see/hear that it’s still possible, not just theoretical. I think this is totally do-able. I just need to practice/learn tracking skills. Maybe I should make that my new goal.

4 thoughts on “Can You Run Down a Cheetah?

    1. Yeah, I know. But the question was always if it could still be done or if that hunting technique had gone the way of so many other evolutionary things. Apparently it can still be done!

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