Training Week: Nov. 11-17

This week I winged it. Wung it? Decided I definitely needed to rest to give my toe a chance to heal, but I didn’t want to lose all fitness or the possibility of being ready for CIM in three weeks. (AGH, three weeks!?) Also, I had to run around a lot of different places and do different things, so, I just sort of decided each morning what I’d do that day.

Not a great plan. But, since I can run again, it sort of worked. Sort of.


Need to rest the foot.


3,000y at Masters. Not the worst I’ve ever swum, mostly just a bunch of 300s in 4:15-4:25 with some hard 75s and stuff after. Swimming is sort of hard and I hate it.


Was going to go to a TRX class at YMCA, but even though they said the class was open when I called 15′ before it started, it wasn’t open when I showed up.

Ended up riding 1:40 or so with Steve. It was surprisingly hard. When I ran around yelling at kids at the conference cross-country championships in the afternoon my legs hurt. A lot.


Water ran 20′ with some harder efforts, mixed in with about 1250y of swimming — including a couple hard 100s.


Ran 9.5 miles down Mt. Tam. AND, it didn’t hurt my toe! It did, however, hurt my quads. It turns out all the way down Mt. Tam is a lot of downhill. Biked to the bus and back from meeting people too, totaling a few miles.


Rode 3:00 with Steve. Thought it was going to be 2:30, but I’ve been terrible at guessing bike route times lately. We also had a small break in the middle to help a tandem fix a broken chain, only we were not successful. And by we, I mean Steve figured it out and tried different things, but it was broken in too many places. I mostly went, yeah, I think I know that it’s possible to fix that. Even with Steve on the mountain bike, it was still pretty hard to keep up with him on the most best cycling route in Marin.


Rest time. No real reason. Planned on doing more, but needed to get some work done and was tired, tired, tired. Didn’t realize how tired until this morning actually when I slept straight through my alarm. Ah well.

TOTAL: 8:25

Maybe I’ll be ready for CIM? Maybe??

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