Training Week: Nov. 4-10

Last week was weird. I wanted to recover from the half marathon and then get back into serious CIM training. But, then I was not recovering well and then I hurt my foot. What I planned to do and what I actually did were very different. So, we’ll just call it a very rest week…


Swam 2,000y easy. Recovery.


Ran 2.5 miles easy with high school kids. Planned to run a few miles easy and then swim easy, but I felt shitty and we all know there are plenty of reasons not to swim.


Ran 5.5 miles out at Bear Valley. The plan was to do drills and then do core work and possibly swim. But, I had to make quite a few bathroom stops. It turns out you shouldn’t have a hamburger about an hour before running. I did not feel good.


planned to ride 1:45 or so and then run 8 miles as two easy, two up tempo and four at marathon pace. The ride was ok/as planned, but I only got three miles into the run (7:23, 7:36, 7:05) and was struggling so hard. I couldn’t hold the pace. Or maybe I could, but mentally I couldn’t. I was also 99% sure I needed to nail the workout to feel back on track, but I couldn’t. I stopped, walked a bit and then jogged home. My stomach still hurt.


Rest. In LA.


Ran 7 miles easy with Natalie. My toe started hurting the last few miles. This was not concerning at the time. It is concerning now.


planned  to do my long 20 mile run. I made it 2.2 miles and it was pretty clear my toe was not going to last 20 miles. 2.2 miles may have actually been too much. I had to walk part of the way back.

TOTAL: 6:00ish

My only goal now is to try and get my toe to stop hurting, which means days off of running. And lots of hoping. Hope, hope, hope.

5 thoughts on “Training Week: Nov. 4-10

  1. Hoping for you too. Damn running is such a beast. Just when we get healthy we think we’ll never ever ever get injured again. The forces of good will totally overpower the forces of evil that make those injuries appear. At least that is how I think. 🙂

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