Why I Disappeared for a Few Days

Because I headed to LA to check out USC for grad school. Let’s all cross our fingers that I get into the program I want and get funding and that it magically makes everything amazing and I am suddenly a super awesome writer with book deals and magazine contracts and fabulousness.

Because, while I was in LA for 50 hours, I had dinner with a friend and lunch with another friend and stayed with a different friend. This makes me sound like I have a lot of friends. I don’t. I have like three.

Because all that made me very tired. I am actually still tired, despite sleeping until 10 a.m. both yesterday and today.

Because the fatigue is building so much that I can’t shake it out of my legs and am just dragging myself through runs. I bombed a hard workout on Thursday before I left, just bombed, couldn’t hold marathon pace off the bike and stopped, walked, turned around and jogged home. It’s been two weeks of dragging/jogging rut + bombing a race + sucking up one of my last half-dozen hard workouts before CIM. I am discouraged and not 100% sure what to do to turn it around besides rest and recover. (I am like 90% sure about what to do.)

Because I needed to step back then and not hear about how super-perfect-amazing everyone else’s workouts were going. My problems are at least 63% in my head. So, everyone else needs to get out of there.

2 thoughts on “Why I Disappeared for a Few Days

  1. Maybe you could look into your diet for a solution to this, it might not be in your head buy your gut. Not wanting to be too personal but have you ever been tested for coeliac disease ?

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