Training Week: Oct. 28-Nov. 3

Chill week, in preparation for a race that didn’t go the way the preparation was aiming for. But, still, five weeks until CIM. Will I be ready? (I’m getting convinced I won’t be when I start reading other people’s super fast training logs. Sigh. Oh well.) And, yes, I’ve pretty much given up on swimming.


Rest day. Working hard for the money.


Biked about 9 miles easy to cross-country practice, etc. Ran 6.5 very hilly miles moderately easy with the high school kids.


Ran 3.5 miles easy with high school kids.


Crossfit in the morning. I’m trying Crossfit again. We’ll see. Did the workout sort of light with some harder efforts just to get moving again.

Biked 10 miles easy in the afternoon.


Was supposed to be a rest day. Ended up biking like 8 miles in flip-flops + another 4-5 in bike shoes to get around town. Not sure what that even counts as.


Ran 3.5 miles with hard pick-ups and short race pace effort.


Tiburon Half-Marathon + warming-up, etc totaled about 16 miles for the day.

TOTAL: 7:00

I just don’t even know what to think about this week.

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