Friday Fun Facts

A random assortment of things that didn’t merit a whole post:

1. This week is a rest/recovery week. I do not do things in rest/recovery weeks. So, this morning, I fully intended to NOT bike commute to my ART appointment. But, after rolling down to the freeway bus stop, I missed the bus by 10″ and then had to bike the 7 miles in jeans, flip-flops and a fleece jacket. I’m pretty sure this was less restful than if I had just biked in bike clothes from the beginning.

2. Part of the reason this is a rest/recovery week is because I’m racing the Tiburon Half Marathon on Sunday. Lots of my high school kids are volunteering and they keep asking me if I’m going to win. No. No, I’m not. I would like to do the race in 1:26 (I mean hell, I’d like to do it in 1:20), but I’m not even 100% sure I’m in sub-1:30 shape. We’ll see.

3. Part of the reason I had an ART appointment is because I am MESSED UP. My body sort of gave out on me over the whole shitty two weeks and it’s just starting to come back around. I also had a deep tissue massage last week for this reason. I’m generally pretty stoic about pain that I know is coming/controlled — ie. evidently, if I know it’s only temporary, like ART, and isn’t a signal that I’m causing permanent damage, then I’m pretty ok with things hurting; the problem is that in races I’m doing it to myself and I start worrying about the pain being a sign I’m going to lose part of my small intestine or whatever. That being said, these two appointments have been far, far more painful than usual. Because I am so messed up.

4. Ideally, part of the reason I’m so messed up and needed the rest/recovery is because I’ve been training. Since October ended yesterday I looked at all my training for the month — I’ve been doing a shit job looking at it on a regular basis — and it turns out that I actually have been training just about right.

I did 42:55 in October (counting the actual training, NOT all the other time — a 4 hour ride is a 4 hour ride, not a 4:45 ride because you had to stop and refill water bottles three times and chat with friends), which is pretty much a standard base amount of training for me when I am training. And, more impressively, since this happened without me really paying a ton of attention, I upped my run volume by about 50% to 144 miles — pretty much the most I ever run and the most I’ve run since February — while at the same time dropping my swim volume to 25% of what it was last month. I basically couldn’t have planned to do that more right if I actually stuck to my training plan.

5. I also got word this morning that I got into Escape from Alcatraz for June. This is all part of my master plan: race Escape on June 1, the Dipsea on June 8, and then IM CDA on June 29. Things are starting to come together. And, even though I already said this on the Twitter, this was our conversation this morning:

Me: Hey, I got into Escape from Alcatraz!
Steve: See, and you think you get rejected from everything.
Me: It’s a lottery. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count.

2 thoughts on “Friday Fun Facts

  1. Maybe I didn’t torture you enough as a child. I just heard a story on NPR about the Kalenjin – The Kenyan tribe famous for running. Seems they take a lot of pain as children.

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