Training Week: Oct. 21-27

I seem to consistently level off in my training around 10-12 hours/week. Clearly, for IM, I need to be more at 14-16 hours/week. So, that’s going to be the goal for post-CIM, because I don’t think it’s really going to happen before my marathon — which is, evidently, in like five weeks?

I also don’t appear to be hitting even my shitty goals of 1-2x swimming/week and strength work 2-3x/week. As is evidenced below.


Ran 6 miles very slowly with the high school kids. Was so messed up. SO. Messed. Up. My back was all pinched and I couldn’t turn my head. My right calf was cramped up. Things hurt from Nike Women’s — even though I hadn’t run hard. It was all I could do to run 6 miles slowly.


Had to take a rest day because of all the hurting.


Rode two hours in the afternoon, probably only about 24 miles because I went straight uphill. Didn’t feel like riding out to West Marin or doing China Camp or going through town, so I just went up the hill for awhile and then turned around.

Ran 6 miles-ish slowly with the high school kids.


Rode the hour from Mill Valley to cross-country practice and then to Steve’s parents.

Ran about 6.5 miles with the high school kids, which included 10 x hill repeats. Mostly we ran them easy (and I was tired), but a couple were hard. Did not do core because I had to leave.


Ran 8.5 miles with 2 x 15′ at half-marathon pace. I was really skeptical this was going to work out. I was pretty sure there was no way I would be able to run 6:40 pace, especially since I was running 9:00s to warm-up. And, without a coach to be responsible to, I was almost definitely sure I was going to bail.

But, I didn’t. I ran 6:38s for the first 15′ and then 6:32 and 6:34 for the second 15′ — which I really cut down to 14:45 because I promised myself if I made it to the end of the road before the 15′ was up I could be done. I ran 6:25 pace for that last little bit after the two miles and made it to the end. Then, I felt so proud of myself that I was pretty sure I deserved to not have to swim in the afternoon.

Swam 1,400m in the afternoon. And, did about 20′ of really intense weights and squats and strength.


Rode 19 miles with Steve, much of it on dirt. We intended to ride more, but my legs felt like shit after Friday. The beautiful thing about being in Sacramento, though, is that I had hella weak wattage and was riding super easy, yet we covered 19 miles in 1:20. Flat roads are crazy.


Ran the 17.5 miles to China Camp and back. It was pretty awful. I wasn’t going to go into detail about why it was so awful, because I’m working on trying not to fill the internet with too much stuff that makes me look bad, just so I don’t give future jobs extra ammunition to reject me. But, then I remembered I don’t care what people think about the truth. Especially when the truth is just life.

We had our last wedding of a long wedding season Saturday night at a winery. They had very good wine. You’d think after this many weddings I’d have the whole thing down, I’d have a system. But, there was a fatal flaw in my system Saturday: after I decided I’d had enough to drink and switched to just water, I started to feel great and decided to switch back to wine. I did not feel so great at about 11:30 p.m. It was a rough bus ride back to the hotel. By Sunday morning, I was fine, but moving very slowly. I pretty much just felt like the last thing I’d possibly want to do was run 17-18 miles in the afternoon.

I had a Subway sandwich on the way home and eventually got moving a bit after 3 p.m. By then, though, it was cold and very windy and the sky looked like the beginning of a storm. The last six miles were all into the wind. It was slow-slow, like a new kind of slow, and hard and my Subway sandwich started to come up at one point. And, then, I got home and read everyone’s status updates about how amazing their weekend long run was and how they held 6:50s or 7:30s or whatever for 20 miles. Yeah. Mine was just like that, but not.

TOTAL: 11:40

One thought on “Training Week: Oct. 21-27

  1. Seems like you are healthy again so that is good. I don’t mean to be a mean person, but I totally was hitting my 6:15’s for my 20 mile…. ehhh, not. 6:15 would be a P.R. for my all out mile. 🙂 What can I say, I got talent.

    Were you puking behind a taco stand on Saturday night or was that someone else?? That would be awesome if it was you. 🙂 HAHAHA

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