Endorsement of the Week: Comfort Plus Heels

Sure, I’ve endorsed Bud Light Platinum and KitKat Minis, but you don’t care. Tell us the real secrets, you say, of how to be awesome.

Well, if you’re a woman or a particularly adventurous man or somewhere in between, one of the keys to being awesome is having a great pair of high heels. This sounds stupid. But, it is not stupid. Heels can screw up your feet, cause injuries, wear out your legs and basically mess up everything about your body. (This is why I work exclusively in flip-flops.) Yet, most women can’t avoid having to wear heels eventually.

And, all those dress shoes that say they’re supposed to be comfortable are typically terrible-looking. That’s basically why makeover shows exist, so that someone in a mumu and orthopedic sandals can talk about how they just care about being comfortable. Please. No. You want cute shoes — but good shoes. But, it’s impossible to know beforehand which heels are going to stand up to the test of time and which feel ok in the store but won’t last an hour at a party.

I have solved your problem: Comfort Plus Heels by Predictions.

So good.
So good.

I wore these all night at our last wedding of the season on Saturday and even when all the other women had to take their shoes off and even when I was not 100% stable on my feet anymore, still my shoes were comfortable and solid. And, they looked cute.

When we got home Sunday I ran 17.5 miles. It was not easy. It was terrible and slow. But, my feet didn’t hurt. My feet felt fine. THANK YOU COMFORT PLUS HEELS.

** This should be obvious, but no, they haven’t given me anything. Neither has Bud Light or KitKats. But, we can always hope. These are just my new endorsements of things that are awesome. **

One thought on “Endorsement of the Week: Comfort Plus Heels

  1. Why thank you, Kelly!!! This if great info! I thought that they would cost a fortune (all “comfort” shoes do) but I’m amazed that they come from Payless and are down right cheap!! Why did I not know this 2 yrs ago when you and Steve got married and I thought I was going to die from painful feet!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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