Training Week: Oct. 14-20

Part of the whole the last two weeks sucking hard thing is that I’m only just getting around to some things (like this). You remember in college how you’d work really hard for a few weeks and then the deadline would be over, the finals would be done and you could do nothing for a week or two. I wish that was still how things worked. I keep thinking I’ve reached the end, so I drop the mic and walk off-stage. And, then, I keep having to go back out and pick it up and dust it off and keep going.

Maybe I should have chilled out on the training during all this. I’m not sure, because on the one hand: stress is stress, but on the other: I’m super not prepared for the half-marathon I’m racing next weekend or the marathon in six weeks (or five weeks? who knows?). So, I sort of had to keep going, right?


1,000y swim. I was very, very worn out from the wedding and the dying cat and the long run the day before. I meant to swim more, but it was sort of all I could do to swim this much.


12 x 800 with the high school kids. We did them in a half-mile loop around the park, so it’s cross-country-like. Two of the 12 we did as tempo, around 3:20, but the other 10 were hard, very hard. I wasn’t particularly consistent, because it would depend on which of the kids I was sort of running with. The 800s ranged then from 2:52 to 3:07, but the majority were in 2:58-3:04. I felt pretty good about that workout, but also pretty tired. Plus, with warming up and cooling down and 3′ jogging in between each 800, it took forever and was like 9 miles of running.

Biked about 18 miles to cross-country practice and back home. Very, very slowly on the way home.


Jog — I usually hate the word jog, but it was probably apt in this instance — 2.5 miles.

Crossfit with Nate. Except I was so tired that I couldn’t do anything. I tried to pick up a barbell and it didn’t move. Sort of eased my way through the workout instead.


Biked 14 miles-ish to the ferry, from the ferry to work, to cross-country, to home.

Ran about 6.5 miles with the high school kids easy with some strides thrown in.


Planned resting.


I ended up riding 2:30 (maybe 35 miles?) over Marshall Wall with Pete and Ilyce in the afternoon. I almost bailed so I could go home and lay on the floor about a dozen times, but the Wall ended up not being as wall-like as I remembered. I did, however, bail on core work and swimming for probably the third time in the week.


Nike Women’s Half. 1:36:47 for the race, probably about 13.5 miles total with the running to the start and weaving throughout the race. Good times.

TOTAL: 11:00

My goal this week was to swim more, since I’m not even hitting my very weak target of 1-2x/wk, and to do more strength work. So far, I’ve failed at both. On the whole I felt pretty good about the training I was able to get in, but it may have taken it’s toll…

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