Bye Biggie the Cat


We put Biggie down this evening. He was rapidly losing weight, to the point you could feel all his vertebrae, and his stomach was huge from filling with fluid. He still enjoyed eating sushi and Niman Ranch beef, but mostly he didn’t move, just sat and watched TV.

Today I also finally finished all the things I had due the last two weeks. I only cashed in a ton of chips and called in quite a few favors.

So, now, I guess two of the worst weeks in a long time are done, though not really, since it’s still all kinds of depressing. My body has decided it’s done too. I pulled something in my back and haven’t been able to turn my head since Monday. I’m not walking real good either. And two of the lights in our house stopped working, which Pete thought was hilarious this weekend: I’m literally and figuratively living in the dark.

Bye Biggie, you were a good, sweet little guy.



5 thoughts on “Bye Biggie the Cat

  1. Sorry kelly. I know that is hard. We just put our dog down a couple weeks ago. Different circumstances, because she was old, but still a night of tears and never-ending snot for both of us.

    kitty looks like she was cute.

    Hope your back thing is just one of those pinched nerve thingies that typically just go away on their own in a few days. They are brutal though.

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