Training Week: Oct. 7-13

Obviously, this week sort of blew. But, I was disorganized and emotionally worn out even before the kitten terrible-ness began. There are some reasons, but they are boring, so who cares. For the most part, I got the training done when I could as best I could. The real question is going to be: what happens this week now?


Was supposed to go into the KQED office, but worked from home because the kittens were fighting and it was a whole thing. Managed to run 2.5 miles easy and do drills. Woohoo.


Biked 15 miles to the ferry, to the KQED office, back to the ferry, etc. IN THE DARK.


Ran mile repeats. 4 x mile (6:10, 6:11, 6:14, 6:15) with warm-up and cool-down about 8.5 miles total. 20′ or so of core work, which was half playing with the kittens and trying to stop them from fighting.


Swam 3,150y with Masters in the morning. It was not my best ever. Pretty much my entire lane lapped me, though since I almost always get lapped at drills there’s also the possibility that other people do not do the drills honestly. Main set was 3 x [200 pull neg. split, w/ last 50 as swim, 2 x 100 IM/reverse IM, 2 x 50 all out]. I hated it.

TRX class in the evening. Except really I missed like 1/3 of the class because traffic has been crazy, am I right?


Biked 32 miles or something. Not even entirely sure how far or how much this counts as a workout, since I rode about half of it on trails on my road bike, which meant I mostly was just sort of dicking around.


Biked 17 Mile Drive with Steve, but he rode my mountain bike and I rode my road bike. It comes out about even that way.

Ran 3.5 miles easy and did drills/strides.

Weddinged it up.


Ran 15 miles on trails — a longer version of my favorite trail run. Actually, I’m not even sure how long it is, because my Garmin stopped downloading months ago and I haven’t had time to get it fixed and I sort of don’t care. It was 2:10. It was a good pace. I felt terrible, but never more terrible than I did the first 5′. And, I picked up the pace at the end. What does it matter how far it was.

TOTAL: 11:10

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