Training Week: Sept. 30 – Oct. 6

I really don’t have time to blog much, which is sort of lame because sort of lame people always say that (and also it kills my traffic). But, things just are busy and tired and busy and lots of big plans in my head. That also means I don’t have a ton of time to train. So the planned light week got very light and that just is what it is.

I’m sort of down about it, but I guess that’s not going to help.


Swam 1300y easy, recovery from Santa Cruz. Tired. So tired.


7 miles running easy (hilly – but easy) with high school kids


9 miles with 5 x 5′ at slightly faster than marathon pace with 1′ jog between each. I ended up doing these NOT at marathon pace — or, rather, if that IS my marathon pace then well, shit! (As in: that would be awesome.) Instead, ran 7:00, 6:44 (oops), 6:54 (actually the hardest because there was a hill in the middle), 6:46, 6:49. It felt fine, but I was wiped out the rest of the day. About 10-15′ of core after.


Biked 14 miles easy on my way home.


Weird day. Got up early to swim before going into work in the afternoon. But, I woke up all dizzy and freezing and feeling like I was getting sick. I never warmed up while swimming, so I cut it short to just 1000y. But, still didn’t warm up. Was so cold, I dressed crazy warm and then it was super hot all day. Ridiculous.


Pacific Association Cross-Country Race. They’re all sort of the same. They’re all sort of hard. I really, really wasn’t feeling it and could tell it wasn’t my day from the first long uphill stretch in sand. There was also a big fire and lots of smoke on Friday, so I had been worried about breathing. By Saturday, it wasn’t that smoky, but it wasn’t good either. In the end, I felt awful and I did basically the same time as last year. Not sure what that means.


Spontaneous rest day. Got Biggie the Cat — which isn’t turning out well. Everyone keeps saying to keep Biggie and Tupac separate, but we just don’t have that much space or that many rooms with doors. So, it’s been rough.

TOTAL: 5:45. OOPS!

Sigh. Double sigh.

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