Meet Biggie the Cat

Instead of working out today, which I probably wasn’t going to do anyway after yesterday’s wreck of a race, or doing any work, I got Tupac a new kitten friend from the Pet Fair.

Biggie the Cat is not very big.
Biggie the Cat is also very hard to photograph.

Biggie the Cat (yes, grandma it’s a hip-hop thing) is three months old and very cute and playful. I thought they’d get along. Apparently I did not think about this at all.

I’ve basically created a turf fight. Tupac is not happy about some other guy in his room, which is where we had to put him because we don’t have very many rooms with doors, and is making sure we all know that. Biggie seems unfazed, but has to stay in his room because he is small and I don’t want Tupac to kill him.

It’s made for a stressful day. And not a particularly restful rest day.

Tupac is pissed with me.

6 thoughts on “Meet Biggie the Cat

  1. Okay, so your cats’ names are derived from the hip hop world – I did not know. That’s what having grandchildren is supposed to do – keep one current!!

    Cats are VERY territorial and Tupac is letting you know that you’ve broken the rules. You will definitely have to keep them separated for the next few weeks – especially if you or Steve are both gone at the same time. It’s good that Biggie isn’t afraid of Tupac, but that could change. Hopefully, they will come to accept each other and then Tupac will have company while you all are out. Best case scenario – good luck.

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