An Incomplete List of Current Injuries and Things That Hurt

  • Bone spur on the base of my big left toe — which hasn’t actually been hurting much lately, just sore after hard things, long things and races
  • Still really cut up, swollen, possibly broken or sprained pinky toe on my right foot from Pacific Grove — but can you sprain a toe?
  • Bruised bone on my left heel from running on concrete the half-mile to transition at Santa Cruz (evidently, all that stuff about how if you run barefoot you naturally won’t land in such a way to hurt yourself didn’t work so much)
  • General cuts from my shorts, sports bra and wetsuit
  • Cuts from Tupac the Cat
  • Carpal tunnel in my right wrist — unrelated to sports, for the most part
  • Screwed up upper back — possibly unrelated to sports, likely related to having scoliosis for like 15 years
  • My quads

3 thoughts on “An Incomplete List of Current Injuries and Things That Hurt

  1. You know I think there is something about barefoot running but our ancestors didn’t do it on pavement, so give me gel absorption but otherwise, yow. All I got is two broken collarbones (well one broken collarbone, broken twice) but then I never pushed as hard as you (to be honest at 50 I think I’m grateful I can still push at all).

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