Training: Sept. 9 – 15

Saturday I raced Pacific Grove. My lifelong dream of two-and-a-half months was to win Pacific Grove. I did that. And, then I still had to go to work today and clean the house yesterday. This doesn’t seem right. I definitely feel like there should be more of a reward/break/general acknowledgement from the world of my awesomeness. People as I walk down the street should be like, “YOU, how can you perform mundane chores like buying a new shower curtain! You are a doer of dreams! You should go home and eat cookies!” This is probably why I got tired of triathlon: because there’s something to be said for achieving a set achievement, then laying on the couch and watching Law and Order, not going back to training.

Which is a long way of saying that this past week was very light on the training but that was the point and it was worth it. Then, this upcoming week (after I can move again) it’ll have to be back to the grind. More lifelong goals of multiple weeks must be achieved.


Rode 25′. That is all. Felt like that was “recovery” from the race on Sunday.


Swam 2,000y in the morning with four hard 50s and then three 100s on a tempo pace.

Ran 4 miles or so easy with the high school kids, with a uptempo section in the middle.


Rested from all that easy training. (Except I had to walk a bunch at the beach and it was tiring.)


Ran 4.5 miles quite easy + 15′ of core with high school kids.


PRE-RACE: Swam 1,100y with four HARD 25s and a race pace 100y. Then, rode 7 miles with five 10″ sprints and 90″ of race pace. I do these sprint bursts and hard 25s like REALLY hard the day before a race. It sort of reminds me that going fast is painful?


Pacific Grove Triathlon. Duh. 2:20:58 — I think they call it a 1,500m swim, 24 mile bike, 10k run. Plus: mile running warm-up and maybe 100-200y of swimming warm-up. No cool down, which was stupid.


Swam 1,000y. It was painful.

You thought I was kidding about taking it light? Hah. I never kid about taking it easy.

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