Training Week: Sept. 2-8

If last week was the first week I basically followed my plan, then this week was the second that I almost basically followed it. I still cut things short — mostly swims — but, you know, general idea was all there.


Ran for two hours. I’m pretty sure the best run route in Marin usually only takes like 1:54 (and I think Courtenay and I did it in like 1:45), but it took me 2:03 this time. Maybe I was tired. Or just slow. Who knows.

Laid on the floor for 40′ and sort of did some sit-ups here and there, which we all know counts as 20′ of core.

Swam 1,000y easy. Yeah, it was supposed to be longer.


Worked in the city, rest, rest, rest.


Ran a bit over 6 miles easy with the high school kids.

15′-20′ of super intense core with the high school kids, which included a 3:15 plank.

Went home and did my first hard bike workout and first bike workout on the trainer in awhile. 40′ on the trainer with 4 x 4′ at 199W. They were supposed to be 190-195W, race-ish pace, but nailed them all at 198-199W. And, it killed me. KILLED ME. I could barely move after or eat or even sleep.


2,600y swim on my own. Masters got cancelled because of some problem with the pool, so I made my own workout up again. The main set was 500y moderately easy, steady (7:40 I think), 2 x 250 faster on the second (3:43 and 3:41), then 100-150-150-100 with the middle 50 on the 150s faster and descend on the back end (mostly in the 1:21-23 range). But, I cut the swim short. I was Dead. So dead. Very dead. And, also I had to go to work.

Biked 25′ to Crossfit easy in the evening. Crossfit class. The main workout was done in partner teams, male-female, and as a team you had to do 50 chest-to-bar pull-ups, 100 double-unders with the jumprope, and then run a mile together. I mostly did my half of the pull-ups and then could pull off 10-20 double-unders with a bunch of other single ones thrown in. And, then, I spent the whole mile running slightly faster than my male teammate, which (for silly but obvious reasons) made him run faster, and talking the whole time. There really needs to be some kind of handicap for running-heavy Crossfit workouts.


Felt slightly less dead in the morning. Biked 42 miles on the time trial bike through Pt. Reyes Station in 2:54. I’m 90% positive this ride should have taken 3:15-3:25. Still haven’t figured out if I went fast or if it was just shorter than I remembered.

Ran 4 miles easy with the high school kids.



Back to feeling Dead, so dead, zombie-like really. Cut everything in half, so I’d be able to make it through the race Sunday. Biked 25′ easy — barely pedaling — to the pool. Swam 1,600y with some pick-ups. Yeah, it was supposed to be longer.


Cross-country race. Longish warm-up and some cool-down, totaled around 9 miles.

Biked 15′ before Pete and Ilyce picked me up on the side of the road, which was good, because I was dying and it was THE HARDEST BIKE EVER. Then, we swam about 1,200y or so open water practice at China Camp and I talked incessantly. That may have been some kind of fatigue setting in.

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